Madden NFL 15
Madden NFL 15 was released on 26 August, 2014Facebook

The 2014-2015 NFL season with the Super Bowl 49 has finally ended but American football fans can continue to play the game on their consoles via Madden NFL 15.

EA Sports has been predicting the outcome of the real game using their own game. It had started with the Madden matchups a decade ago and many have been correct. The game publisher showed off the match simulation between New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.

The outcome from the simulation matched that of the real game as the prediction turned out to be accurate. It had predicted that the Patriots were going to win over the Seahawks in the Super Bowl 49 with a score of 28-24. The simulator got it correct as this was exactly the score on the score board when the match ended.

Madden NFL 15 also predicted that Patriots will be making a comeback in the second half and the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would be the MVP with 335 yards and four touchdowns. However, the actual number of Brady was 328, so just seven yards short.

It also had predicted that Julian Edelman would be receiving the winning touchdown of the game, and astonishingly, this was what happened in the real match.

This simulation works on artificial intelligence built in Madden NFL 15. And out of the last 12 Super Bowl results, the predictions of 9 such matches were spot-on, CNET reported.

The artificial intelligence is updated every year to have an accurate, real-life game score. However, we must know that these cannot be perfect. But, the end result matching the predictions this time has left many startled.

(YouTube Courtesy: EA SPORTS)