Theron and Hardy will return as Furiosa and Max in Mad Max prequel
Theron and Hardy will return as Furiosa and Max in Mad Max prequelFacebook / Mad Max

After getting a black-and-white cut, Mad Max: Fury Road is all set for a prequel, titled Mad Max: The Wasteland.

The George Miller-directed movie, which won six Academy Awards this year, stars Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy as protagonists Furiosa and Mad Max, respectively.

Miller had stated earlier that while writing the story of Fury Road, he gathered enough material to make two more movies. However, he changed his mind once he was sure that the next movies in the franchise won't rely too much on special effects and will rather feature physical effects, similar to their predecessor.

According to reports, Millar is currently working on a prequel of Fury Road that is already in pre-production. Both Theron and Hardy will reprise their respective roles from Fury Road.

Some of the filming will take place at the Broken Hill Film Studio, which is the fifth-largest film studio in Australia. Fury Road was earlier going to be filmed in the same studio, but heavy rainfall caused the cancellation of plans and the crew moved to Namibia.

Recent rumours state that Mad Max: The Wasteland will focus on the origins and past story of Furiosa. Tom Hardy has signed up for multiple Mad Max movies, so there is a significant possibility that he will be a part of the movie too, though he and Theron won't have the same scenes, since Max didn't meet Furiosa prior to the events of Fury Road.

Also, before fans get to watch another Mad Max movie, they have got something else to look forward to. The black-and-white cut of Fury Road, labelled as Mad Max: Fury Road – Black & Chrome Edition will go on sale on 6 December, along with Mad Max High Octane Collection, which will include all four movies in the Mad Max franchise.