Rapper Ben Haggerty, popularly known by his stage name Macklemore, is not dead as several Twitter users claim, leading to the hashtag "RIP Macklemore" trending on the microblogging site.

The origin of the rumour is yet unknown, and several Twitter users have lashed out at whoever started the false story of the Seattle-based rapper's death, calling it disrespectful and rude.

However, there is a section of people who believe the rapper is no longer alive, thanks to a fake TMZ-looking post, which stated that the rapper died in a "fiery car crash." Macklemore's short absence on Twitter further aided these rumours.

"For the people saying #RIPMacklemore isn't real, he hasn't tweeted in a day. Case closed, my dudes. Please respect the family at this time," one fan wrote on Twitter.

Interestingly, a number of Twitter users have come out with several funny stories on how the 31-year-old rapper could have died. While one claimed that the rapper died fighting for the Islamic State in Syria, another has blamed Obama for Macklemore's death. A fake Twitter account claiming to be that of the President's tweeted that "he sacrificed Macklemore to the Illuminati."

Yet another fan believes that he died hitting a tree as the rapper couldn't see past his fur coat. "#RIPMacklemore he died on his way home from the thrift shop, he couldn't see past his giant fur coat. He hit a tree and died on impact."

As for what Macklemore's tombstone would read, here is the image:

This is the second time Macklemore has been killed off by the Internet. Last year, several fake stories claimed that the rapper overdosed on something called wazinine.

At the time, a report claimed that a routine blood draw showed at least 20cc of wazinine in Macklemore's bloodstream, enough to have killed a "boy of Mackelmoor's size at least 2 times over."

"It's a chilling reminder, that despite rumors, waaz can and does kill," the report claimed.

The report even had a fake quote from former Seattle mayor Mike McGinn, who said Makclemore would be greatly missed. "Macklemore was a personal friend and a champion of minority rights and the Seattle hip hop scene," the fake quote read.