Mainak Ganguly
Mainak Ganguly

Rapping and Hip Hop culture is growing in India, as many new talents are surprising us with their unique music and style. Rappers are right now top crowd bringer in India. The youth of India is loving mix music and can't get enough of Rap music and Hip Hop mix songs.

Now the question is who is the best Rapper of India, Now this can take long discussion as all the veterans, and new ones are having their own style and carrying their music in Rap World with their top class talent. Then who is ruling Rap world in India right now comes the question again? Who is keeping the right balance of music, text, Rhythm and smart phrases which makes Rap lovers crazy for their songs? Let us take a look at the top five Rappers India has currently.

5.) Honey Singh: If you check last decade you cannot find the more prominent name then Honey Singh in this industry, the songs which have produced and the popularity which he has got is untouchable. But from the past few years, it has been the flat face for him as health issues forced him to rest for some time.

4.) Badshah: If anyone who has taken the world to storm after Honey Singh was Badshah, he has silently covered the position of Yo-Yo in no time after Yo-Yo got stopped. Right now he is the biggest name in B-Town

3.) Hard Kaur: In the list of man's here the comes the queen the lioness alone ruler in Rap world from many years with a huge fan following. She is ruling for many years, and we will continue to see her until a new name hit the centre stage.

2.) Divine: The new big name in Rap world, stunned whole India with his songs in The Gully Boy. Divine is undoubtedly going to have a bright future after the super start of his career.

1.) Mainak Ganguly aka Mack The Rapper: Last but not list Kolkata's pride Mack the Rapper who is doing superb in Rap world with constant success and he is coming with more songs n near future makes him in our list of top Rappers. Mack is undoubtedly giving a tough fight to all the veterans and new ones in Rap World.

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