Maayavan.PR Handout

Producer CV Kumar has turned director with Maayavan, which has Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Daniel Balaji, Jackie Shroff, Akshara Gowda and others in the cast. The film has Gopi Amarnath's cinematography and Leo John Paul's editing. Ghibran has composed the music for the Tamil flick and a few tracks that include Mella Mella have impressed the viewers.

Maayavan is a science fiction for which filmmaker Nalan Kumarasamy has penned the screenplay. The movie revolves around a series of murders. It is a mystery thriller that takes interesting twists at regular interval.

While chasing a smaller criminal, cop Kumaran (Sundeep Kishan) comes across a sadistic villain played by Dheena. In his bid to nab the criminal, Kumaran gets hurt, leading him to discover the mental trauma that he was going through.

In the same fashion, a series of crimes shock the police department, but there are a few similarities in the cold-blooded murder. What follows next is the interesting part of the story.

Going by the viewers' response, the narration is good although the first half is runs at a slow pace. But the story progresses rapidly in the second half. Performance wise, Sundeep Kishan gets full marks and has lived up to the viewers' expectations.

Daniel Balaji has enacted his role well. Ghibran has provided a solid background score, while the cinematography and editing are flawless.

Here, find the audiences' response to the film below:

Sreedhar Pillai: #Maayavan 3/5. Technically good, awesome production designs (the futuristic Lab sets) , decent CG work, #Gopi's camera & fab BGM by @GhibranOfficial. Liked @sundeepkishan & #DanielBalaji the best. Drawback screenplay is confusing at times.
#Maayavan 3/5. Producer @icvkumar was always a pathbreaker and was in forefront of new age Tamil cinema which ushered in a breed of good directors & technicians. Now he has finally turned director with something different, a edgy sci-fi mystery thriller.

Naveen Chandran‏ : #Maayavan Scific Thriller dat makes audiences to experince a edge seat thriller.. too much tech a bit negative..but worth a watch 3.75/5

Saran Sundar‏: #Maayavan . Super. Didnt even bored a bit. One of the best thrillers.

Kannank: #Maayavan different Story Neat Screenplay without any Commercial Compromises well done sir an welcoming @icvkumar

MaheshS_Wali‏ : #Maayavan - A completely different attempt by director @icvkumar in a thriller http://genre.You might observe minor glitches here & there but a fresh story, good execution makes this movie an interesting watch till the end. 3 thumps up to @icvkumar , @sundeepkishan & co.

Rajasekar: #Maayavan is a solid sci-fi crime thriller. @icvkumar scores big time as a director, @sundeepkishan shines. Another impressive work by @GhibranOfficial this year after #Aramm and #TheeranAdhigaaramOndru
#Maayavan - Easily the grandest film in @icvkumar production, lab sets are perfect. Good show brother, loved it . After #Maanagaram @sundeepkishan 's second best film in Tamil

Surendhar MK: #Maayavan is an intriguing slow-burn crime investigative thriller with a fascinating sci-fi spin. @sundeepkishan packs a punch as Crime Inspector Kumaran in a physically demanding role. Good directorial debut for @icvkumar.

Ramnath Shankar: #Maayavan -, a fabulous sci-fi thriller.Jackie Shroff's performance, @sundeepkishan 's performance as a Cop was terrific.As usual the bgm of @GhibranOfficial elevated the movie to a new Level ! @Itslavanya too has performed her role aptly Good debut for @icvkumar 3/5! @CineTimee

Kaushik LM‏: #Maayavan - 3.5/5
-after Maanagaram, another Tamil film which @sundeepkishan can feel happy about.
-liked the stylish way in which @DanielBalaje played his part.
-@icvkumar proves his eye for good content yet again, this time as a director.
#MaayavanFromTomorrow #MaayavanMystery

Christopher Kanagaraj: #Maayavan - Gud one. Film has got a gripping screenplay, credits to writer Nalan Kumarsamy. 2 hrs duration is perfect. Gud perf from Supporting cast - Daniel B, Bagavathi P, Jackie S. Sundeep could hv done btr. Apt music. Welcoming debut for CV Kumar. An Engaging crime thriller!