Maaveeran Kittu
Vishnu Vishal's Maaveeran Kittu has been released on Friday.Vishnu Vishal Twitter Account

Vishnu Vishal has teamed up with filmmaker Suseenthiran for the third time in his latest movie Maaveeran Kittu. It is a period flick in which Sri Divya plays the female lead with Soori, R Parthiepan, Harish Uthaman and others in supporting roles.

The movie, which has a strong content, has Soorya AR's music and Kasi Vishwanathan's editing. D Imaan has scored the music, while Inaivom, Kannadikkala and Human Ethics (theme music) songs are the picks of the album.

Vishnu plays the title role and Sri Divya will be seen as his love interest named Gomathi. The hero aims to become an IAS officer and is passionate about it. The story is based on real-life incidents of a village near Palani in 1980s. Director Suseenthiran has infused his imagination to make it a commercial entertainer. Maaveeran Kittu is about a warrior who fights for a cause.

The trailer of the movie, which is releasing on Friday, December 2, has garnered good reviews and the success of their previous movies has made audience have high hopes from Maaveeran Kittu. Will the movie live up to the expectations of the viewers? Find it in their words below:

VCD: #MaaveeranKittu interval - Though there is not much impact, the concept of dealing caste discrimination with Literacy is something laudable
#MaaveeranKittu interval - Though there is not much impact, the concept of dealing caste discrimination with Literacy is something laudable

Ajay V: #MaaveeranKittu - 3.25/5. Has some solid heart-rending moments with little dips in between. Watch it for the sensible core theme that works.
#MaaveeranKittu - 3.25/5. Will be remembered for its sincere approach where @iamvishnuvishal owns the film throughout with a moving climax.
#MaaveeranKittu - 3.25/5. Realistic portrayal of caste discrimination & consequences. @dir_susee presents in a serious & authentic manner.

Ranjet Rk: #Maaveerankittu [3/5] First half -lot of humanity @iamvishnuvishal Gud performance!BGM sema @immancomposer sir! Village grl @SDsridivya

Surendhar MK: #MaaveeranKittu is also, easily, the best film of @iamvishnuvishal & @dir_susee's collaborations. Loved @rparthiepan's unruffled performance
#MaaveeranKittu: @dir_susee's writing lays bare the social stratification & appalling inequality in the 80s with earnestness & sensitivity.
#MaaveeranKittu is everything #Kabali could never be. @dir_susee thrusts the importance of 'equality' without any over-the-top dialogues
Half way thro #MaaveeranKittu. @dir_susee exposes caste discrimination in the 1980s with staggering reality & sensible narration. Loving it.

Kaushik LM: Kaushik LM: #MaaveeranKittu -@immancomposer is a key asset. @rparthiepan @harishuthaman @SDsridivya perform their parts well. Gud intent from @dir_susee
#MaaveeranKittu - @dir_susee has handled caste politics in a non-commercial way. Another good film with @iamvishnuvishal in the lead.
#MaaveeranKittu 2nd half - The oppressed community rises with unity, resilience & intelligence. Emotional ending! Noble attempt by the team
#MaaveeranKittu 1st half - Deals with the sensitive caste system issue. Set in the 80's in a village near Pazhani. Engaging drama so far.

Rajasekar: #MaaveeranKittu - once again @iamvishnuvishal proves that he has a knack for choosing good content.
#MaaveeranKittu drawbacks : 'preachy' dialogues and loud villains.Expected a classy film but turned out to be a mainstream political drama.
#MaaveeranKittu - @dir_susee has portrayed caste based issues using real life incidents( honor killing).Unlike #Kabali, balancedly handled
#MaaveeranKittu - once again @iamvishnuvishal proves that he has a knack for choosing good content 

Sathish Kumar: #MaaveeranKittu #Inaivom Video Song is the USP of the movie.. Very motivational one. Kudos to team for releasing it as promo @immancomposer
#MaaveeranKittu @dir_susee has taken the backdrop of 1987 to reveal the caste based issues realistically withwonderful performance 4m actors

Ramesh Bala: #MaaveeranKittu 1st Half: Set in late '80s.. Based on caste discrimination.. Screenplay, Music & acting make it an interesting watch so far.
#MaaveeranKittu: A movie made with noble intention.. Fine acting.. Melodious and impactful music.. For lovers of good cinema..

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #MaaveeranKittu interval - had tears , will genuinely unite people. No puratchi but lot of humanity ! People will celebrate it!