'Maattrraan’ film poster
'Maattrraan’ film poster

There is a saying "As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live". Director KV Anand seems to have taken this quote forward while scripting the plot of "Maattrraan." In the film, he narrates serious repercussions of robust growth of science of genetics and its diabolic bearings concerning a nation's generation. He typically begins the story from a family and gradually builds up the conflict to global level.  

Anand hasn't forgone the humour element in spite of the serious nature of the subject. There are lighter moments that draw genuine laughter from the audiences.

In the film, Surya plays Siamese twins - Vimalan and Agellan - born conjoined as a result of their scientist farther Sachin Khedekar's attempt in baby designing. Vimal (Vimalan) and Akhil (Agellan) may have a one heart but they are different persons. The former is a decent guy, who talks about revolution and works of great poets, while the latter is a playboy.

Khedekar has no love for his children as he only considers them as a flop product of his experiment. He runs a company in India that produces energy boaster powder for kids. His success raises everyone's eyebrows. His rivals want to know the secret ingredients that go into the making of his company energy drink.

Khedekar's detractors enlist the service of a Russian spy, who befriends Vimalan and Agellan to expose the dark side of their farther.

Khedekar has another unseen face from the past. Being a successful genetic scientist, he invents a genetically engineered steroid to help Russian athletes win the 1992 Olympics games, setting a new record. The best part of Khedekar's invention is the steroid cannot be detected in dope tests.

As expected, the Russians beat the Olympic majors in the medal tally. But the athletes, who have been administered with Khedekar's genetically modified milk, begin to have a steroid-induced meltdown and eventually die. In a bid to hide the matter and save the country from a life-time humiliation, Russian government decides to create an air-crash and kill all the affected athletes. However, a Russian scientist pleads to the government not to do so but take all the athletes underground for treatment.

Khedekar uses the same formula to make the energy drink in India, risking the survival of a whole generation. And whoever tries to stop him from his business are met with a common fate - death, inclduing his own kids.

After being intimated by his Russian friend, Vimal begins to suspect his farther, causing father-son conflict. Vimal dies in an attack by his dad's men.

Separated by his conjoined brother, Akhil sets out to avenge the death of Vimal. He discovers that everything happened at the behest of his farther and decides to tear his mask off.

Akhil along with his girlfriend Anjali, played by Kajal Aggarwal, takes off to Ukraine to unravel the mystery. After a series of twists and turns coupled with engaging action, Akhil finally brings out the cruel intentions of his eccentric farther to fore.

Surya's performance is outstanding as conjoined brothers. He relishes in both the character of Vimalan and Agellan. Aggarwal is not just a sweet candy to the hero; she has enough screen time to show off her acting skills.

Khedekar makes for a good eccentric villain. Tara's experience in acting helped her leave a mark.

In a nutshell, "Maattrraan" is not a letdown for Surya fans.

Director: KV Anand

Cast: Surya, Kajal Aggarwal, Sachin Khedekar, Tara