Dhanush's much awaited film "Maari" finally hit screens on 17 July. However, it looks like the movie has failed to create the desired effect on the audience. Most of the critics have rated the movie as average and added that the film is strictly for Dhanush fans.

According to critics, the movies missed out on a solid script and the story lacks novelty. Apparently, the story of the film is something, which has been seen many times in Tamil cinema and the director managed to pull off the script with his new visualising style.

"Maari" deals with the life of a local con and the struggles he faces when a new police officer comes in his way. Meanwhile, the movie is said to be a watchable affair solely for the performances.

Dhanush and Robo Shankar have managed to interest audience with their comic timing. At the same time, Kajal Aggarwal has charmed audience with her look. However, reports suggest that Vijay Yesudas has miserably failed in portraying the character of a police officer.

When it comes to technical aspects, the music and background score by Anirudh Ravichander stands out and equally good is the cinematography by Ranjini Haridas.

Here are the reviews of "Maari" by various critics

The Wiire

The Maari is one of those regular movies with same old stories in a new visualization. It has got a weak plot or the most common plot. However, Dhanush who is supposed to be the pillar of the movie carries it on his shoulders. Vijay Yesudas who plays the role of a police officer fails to impress. Kajal Aggarwal did justice to the role offered to her. She has got a limited role to play but looks beautiful. The main saving part of the movie is Robo Shankar who will leave you in splits with his comic timing and dialog delivery.


Screenplay by Balaji Mohan will hardly make you glance at your watch. Second half though could've been a touch pacier. But the true problem lies in his weak writing. Maari is definitely the weakest subject in Dhanush's career in the recent past. Cinematographer Om Prakash has managed to use the colors required to elevate the overall feel of the movie. The angles used also suit the mood of a film like Maari. Anirudh Ravichander's background score is getting better with each film of his. The young lad has quickly learnt how to use different forms of music to different films.

Bollywood Life

It is a Dhanush show from start to finish. His dialogue delivery, his body language and his stylish antics stand out in the film, hiding the thread bare plot of the film. Robo Shankar as Dhanush's side kick is amazing as his comic timing is bang on target. He almost manages to steal the thunder from Dhanush. Kajal Aggarwal has done a decent job and seems to have an interesting shade to her character. Vijay Jesudas' wooden expression as police inspector is a huge let down. Overall, the film rides on Dhanush's star power.