Dhanush and Kajal Aggarwal starrer "Maari" has opened to mixed reviews on Friday, 17 July. The Tamil film is directed by Balaji Mohan of "Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi" and "Vaayai Moodi Pesavum" fame.

"Maari" is a regular commercial film featuring Vijay Yesudas, Robo Shankar, Kaali Venkat, Sriranjini and others. Anirudh Ravichander, apart from scoring music, has done a cameo in the Tamil flick. 

A movie still from "Maari".IB Times India

The promotional materials have promised the same and raised expectations on the flick, which has Om Prakash's cinematography and Prasana GK's editing.

It is a simple story of a petty don, who makes a living by collecting bribes in a particular place. No opponents stood strong before him and he remains undisputable king in his place. But newly entered cop Arjun (Vijay Yesudas) wants to send him behind the bars. What happens next is the interesting part of the story.

"Maari" has garnered mixed reviews from the audience and critics. People, who have watched the film, have said that it is a routine masala entertainer best suited for Dhanush fans. Robo Shankar shines in film.

The performance of Dhanush has been highly praised but the blame for making it an average entertainer has been put on director Balaji Mohan. Audience wonder how the director, who came out with impressive screenplays in his first two films, have let down the people's expectations. Below, we bring you the audience response to "Maari".

Ramesh Wrote
#Maari [3.25/5]: Does remind previous @dhanushkraja 's revnge movie templates.. Since his actin is a pleasure to watch, one can still enjoy!
#Maari [3.25/5]: @directormbalaji has successfully switches to Mass from Class.. So it's sort of a gud debut for him diff from KSY and VMP..
#Maari [3.25/5]: @anirudhofficial 's songs r certainly enhanced with visuals.. His BGM suits the Mass moments and arouses the fans big time!
#Maari [3.25/5]: Next to @dhanushkraja , it's #RoboShankar who scores big time.. #VijayYesudas makes a good debut.. #Kajal is on and off..
#Maari [3.25/5]: When the movie's title is hero's char name, obviously it's job of da hero to carry and @dhanushkraja has done full justice!
#Maari [3.25/5] : A Mass Paisa Vasool entertainer that depends on @dhanushkraja 's screen presence and @anirudhofficial 's #Tharalocal BGM!
#Maari 1st Half: It's all about establishing @dhanushkraja 's #Maari character.. Expecting a 2nd half which justifies the build-up
#Maari 1st Half: Full meals for @dhanushkraja fans.. Whistles & applause r deafenin.. #RoboShankar provides gud counter support #Kajal - OK!
#Maari 1st Half: Cruises on @dhanushkraja 's Charisma & Screen presence.. One Mass moment afr anothr with @anirudhofficial 's Tharalocal BGM

Common Man Sathish Posted
#‎Maari‬ - Strictly for hardcore Dhanush fans. Dhanush has tried to give usual commercial entertainer with complete build up scenes & it hasn't worked out much.
‪#‎Maari‬ - Verithanam acting by Dhanush..His fans will love his build up scenes with good BGM. Robo Shankar tries to keep the audience engaged with wonderful timings dialogues in the first half, which moves without much twist till the interval block
#Maari - Spoke with a distributor. All issues cleared. KDM given to theaters at 5 am

Average Rating Given by Audience: 2.5

Rajasekar Posted
#Maari - Film has its moments but the creaky villains couldn't withstand opposite the powerful protagonist.Strictly for Dhanush fans.
#Maari - Robo Shankar is a revelation, man he steals the show with his comic one-liners. @directormbalaji has used him very well :)

KashayamWithBosskey Wrote
#Maari second half: Mudiyala flash back... now Dhanush fight with police is the climax .. Worst second half sorry heading towards flop.
#Maari Second Half: Here comes the flashback to show how Dhanush became a Rowdy dai Tamil films seen n number of masala films like this .
#Maari #KajalAgarwal konjam enna role nu sonna nalla erukum .. first half la oru 4 scene varanga appuram songs la varanga.
#Maari 2.25/5
Out an out masala film with fun but the story element failed.
1stHalf: Okish
2ndHalf: Thumbs down
Overall: Below Average Flop.
#Maari first half: #BelowAverage
Mass scene one after another without story line. Robo Shankar comedy is siricha pochu . Another utter flop.

Krishna Sankaran Tweeted
#Maari worshtu movie.Never expected such a boring masala movie from #BalajiMohan #Dhanush:You are a great actor, pl don't spoil your image

WI Nationz Posted
#Maari A pakka commercial flick from @dhanushkraja and @directormbalaji Sure shot hit is the word. A Blockbuster in his pocket for #Dhanush

Manoj Prabhakar Posted
#Maari First half is super fun! Picks up in interval.Thalaivan rockssssssss
#Maari Blockbuster!!!! Thalaivaaa second half gommmaleeeee Theri masssss #Hattrick

Shaheesh TI Tweeted
#Maari -Film s not good in commercial aspects too.Very Average.Can see the
movie if you are bored

Darshan Shivakumar Posted
Saw #Maari today. I dnt know tamil much. But the over all story is great and @dhanushkraja 's look is super cool.. well done

Kaushik LM Wrote
#Maari 1st half - the interval block lifts it. Driven majorly by #Anirudh's bgm and #Dhanush's mass persona. Fast Entertainment is the motto
#Maari 1st half - A cop looks to take down local rowdy Maari somehow. Robo Shankar provides plenty of good moments as the sidekick
#Maari 1st half - Though its predictable the FDFS crowd is enjoying thx to the many mass moments for #Dhanush fans & the #Anirudh factor
#Maari 2nd half - its payback time as Maari comes back for revenge. Tried and tested template, nothing new but full massy. Fans ll love it
#Maari - On the whole, nothing new. Predictable. But @dhanushkraja's screen presence, the many mass moments & @anirudhofficial BGM stand out
#Maari -The #swag theme, #verithanam theme & #BaguluOdayum really lift the mass moments and @dhanushkraja's persona. @anirudhofficial Superb
#Maari -For fans of the Dir who impressed with his innovation in his first 2 films, nothing of that sort here. He has played to the gallery!
#Maari - Rowdy-like hero, his sidekicks, some villains, his fall and the final massy rise .. Not much romance, just fast mass entertainment
#Maari - Reg the cast, Vijay Yesudas doesn't fit in at all. #Kajal looks sort of jaded. Its a #Dhanush show all the way, with his 2 partners
My final rating for #Maari - 2.75 / 5 .. Good commercial fun while it lasts but nothing new. Watch it for #Dhanush #Anirudh's mass offerings

SGS vishnu kumar Posted
#Maari watched fdfs...my review=Treat for @dhanushkraja fans...but the screenplay not good as VIP.Not for family audience.overall its good.

#Maari Enjoyed the movie... Comedy and counters from robo and @dhanushkraja really good.. Background score from @anirudhofficial super :)

Surendhar MK Tweeted
Should appreciate Balaji Mohan for managing to break so many mass-hero stereotypes in a movie that is replete with cliches. #Maari
#Maari is Dhanush's weakest script selection in recent times. Or may be it's time to say, "Strictly for Dhanush fans". #Disappointing

Haricharan Pudipeddi Wrote
#Dhanush makes a very ordinary but commercially overloaded first half a delight with his effortless screen presence. #Maari interval
One thing #Baahubali has achieved is the unanimous love from all quarters. Not just from film fraternity and that's a very good sign
#Maari vechi senjitaanpa. #Dhanush makes it work to an extent in a fully commercial avatar. Film sets a new record featuring max slowmos
And how awesome is Robo Shankar in #Maari. Has the best lines and delivers them so well. Needs to be used more often

Vignesh Kandaswamy Tweeted
#Maari - On the whole nothing new in story and screenplay but entertaining http://mostly.Watch it for Dhanush and Roboshankar.
#Maari - Dhanush lighting the cigarette, turning back and walking in slow motion with smoke around him comes regularly in the movie.
#Maari - Balaji Mohan has scripted this completely to satisfy Dhanush's mass fans.Expected more creativity in scenes even in this mass film.
#Maari - Songs are okay.Picturisation of songs could have been way better.Maari Swag Theme stands out among the BGMs.
#Maari - Liked the small small twists in the way they are shown.Thara Local song is a scream in the theatre.
#Maari - Director should have opted for a powerful Villain.Vijay Yesudas dialogue delivery and acting was way below par.
#Maari - Kajal Agarwal does the same role what other actresses did in the previous heroism movies.Vijay Yesudas complete misfit as cop
#Maari - Roboshankar is the USP of this movie in an otherwise inconsistent screenplay.Roboshankar will move now to the big league thru this.
#Maari - Dhanush performs at ease as a local don but not a memorable performance.Could have been used even more in a GETH manner
#Maari - Story of a local don rising back to his throne after brought down by a cop & rivals told in a commercial way.Once watchable(2.75/5)
#Maari 1st half - Vijay yesudas is a complete misfit as a cop.Waiting for better show from him in the 2nd half.
#Maari first half - Same Masala story ib typical Dhanush style but keeps us engaged.Roboshankar is a scream.Waiting for 2nd half.

Aravinthmuthu Tweeted
#Maari - no http://Twists.Film is plain and not interesting. Tried to bank on @dhanushkraja popularity on this genre but failed totally

Gajen Pandithevan Posted
Script is minus.
Robo Shankar is a plus.
Where did this movie made mistake ?
Director Balaji or Dhanush ??

Niveda Manohar Posted
#Maari : #Dhanush is a chameleon. Maryan to maari, this guy can be anyone! Unmatched energy and mass. But that's not just enough :/