Maari 2 Review
Dhanush and Sai Pallavi in Maari 2.PR Handout

Three years after delivering hit movie Maari, the team is coming up with its sequel. Director Balaji Mohan has collaborated with Dhanush again for the latest flick, which has Sai Pallavi playing the female lead.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has enacted an important character, while Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas will be seen in the antagonist role in Maari 2. Vidya Pradeep, Robo Shankar, Kalloori Vinoth, Silva and others are in the supporting cast. The film has Om Prakash's cinematography and Prasanna GK's editing. Yuvan Shankar Raja has scored the music and 'Rowdy Baby' is the pick among the three songs in the album.

Maari is a local gangster and gets into trouble often. The story takes an interesting turn when his old case is reopened. On the other side, he locks horns with Bheeja, a baddie with brawn and brain. Simultaneously, he falls in love with Aarathu Anandhi (Sai Pallavi), an auto rickshaw driver. What follows next should be seen on-screen.

The Dhanush-starrer has generated a lot of positive buzz with its trailer, teasers and audio. With the first instalment being a successful venture, people have more reasons to pin high hopes on this action comedy entertainer. Will the movie live up to the expectations? Find it out in the audience's words below:

Nishanth NeyMaR : #Maari2: A big thanks to @thisisysr's music and the picturization. The Beeja theme, Maari BGMs and even little cues in the background work superbly. Yuvan is in great form here! Vera level

karthi: #maari2 - usual commercial film with good first half and bad second half ! Aniruth bgms are hugely missed here. Strictly for dhanush fans. Better they skip #maari3
Tovino thomas character was irritating . Wish he would have not done this character. #RowdyBaby song dance was awesome ! #Maari2

Review Ram: #Maari2 - Not witty like its prequel, once watchable for the enjoyable first half comedy & love portions. #Maari2FDFS #Maari2FromToday

Madhu Reddy: Vera level acting frm @dhanushkraja. @Sai_Pallavi92 did her best. Superb BGM.. Especially #RowdyBaby song enjoyed lot. Danush and pallavi dance semma #Maari2

Sasi Swagz: #maari2 excellent screen play and power pack screen presentation. Kudos to the entire #maari2 team. @dhanushkraja never fails to impress his fans. Climax fight scene earth shattering. @thisisysr bgm indirectly says bye bye to @anirudhofficial . #maari2 is a big feast for al

Ashameera Aiyappan: I've been cribbing about not having entertaining mass film for some time now, but the first half of #Maari2 was damn fun. @directormbalaji seems to have made good use of what he got. Looking forward to the second half!
Andd I am done! The second half does have more than its share of lulls but still a pretty entertaining watch on the whole! But one thing for sure, the naughtiest don is back. #Maari2

Kaushik LM: #Maari2 1st half - @dhanushkraja as usual brings all his mass, adaavadi and alapparai to the fore. His entry scene pakka mass with @thisisysr's theme.. Good stunts @Sai_Pallavi92 is another show stealer with her antics, acting and FANTASTIC dance moves #Maari2 1st half - @Actor_Krishna and @ttovino get good importance. @directormbalaji has dished out a gangster action drama, with the #Maari brand of fun intact thanks to #Sanikelamai - #Adithangi.. Going just fine so far. #Maari2 2nd half - Has one of the best #mass stretches of the year (an action sequence + a re-entry) - adhukagave padam paakalam. Super fun it is. Definitely better than the first part. @thisisysr yet again proves that he is the #king of elevation BGMs. @dhanushkraja theri #Maari2 2nd half -The story moves to some unexpected territories, touching family sentiments. @directormbalaji packs the film with many mass moments all through and adds pep to the film. A Feast for @dhanushkraja fans and mass masala lovers. Actor Master Raghavan is super again #Maari2 -@dhanushkraja's most convincing film in the mass masala action hero space. He owns the stylish #Maari part with ease yet again, with all the punchlines like #Senjuruven #Uruchuruven etc. @directormbalaji also establishes himself firmly as a commercial filmmaker. Good Fun

Rajasekar: #Maari2 first half - much much better than the first part. This time @directormbalaji seems to have got everything right. Perfect meter so far @dhanushkraja - @Sai_Pallavi92 steal the show. BGM KING @thisisysr rocks! #Maari2 first half- Although the film belongs to @dhanushkraja, @Sai_Pallavi92 is a revelation as the audacious #AarathuAnandhi. Impeccable energy level and what a stunning dancer she is, the real #RowdyBaby #Maari2 - Final verdict: Well packed mass action entertainer. Better than the first part for sure. IMO @directormbalaji has a winner. Second half filled with sweet surprise in form of @Sai_Pallavi92 's role. Needless to say @dhanushkraja nails it with his #Maari swag. #Maari2 - @directormbalaji has given a new color to the template mass masala films in Tamil cinema. The film has the usual masala ingredients yet appears unique, particularly the first half.Big fan of @anirudhofficial score in first part but @thisisysr has also equally done well

Sidhu: #Maari2 Interval: Proper commercial entertainer so far, but for the occasional lulls. Almost everything works with Sai Pallavi and @thisisysr being huge value additions. Way better than the first already! #Maari2 - Rowdy Baby's visuals are gonna rock YouTube in the days to come. @PDdancing proves his worth yet again, and @Sai_Pallavi92 is amazemaxx. Literally steals the attention from Dhanush in the song! #Maari2: Well-packaged family entertainer. After a long time, I enjoyed some really good mass moments on screen in what is a crowd-pleasing film. @directormbalaji does his job well despite a few dips in the second half. Fun! #Maari2: Full meals for @dhanushkraja fans as the star in him takes over in full swing. The first half is twisted in the right ways, after which it surprises you with a unique turn and then gets back to 'mass' mode. D, Sai Pallavi and Tovino are solid! #Maari2: For once, we don't go out for popcorn or loo breaks during the songs thanks to @thisisysr's music and the picturization. The Beeja theme, Maari BGMs and even little cues in the background work superbly. Yuvan is in great form here!

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #Maari2 Interval - Rowdy Baby visuals is going to become vera level hit. Sai pallavi and Dhanush have danced their heart out. Decent entertainer so far.

Happy Man: #Maari2-rowdism at Peak Level When come to rowdy character and gangster genre none can beat @dhanushkraja in Indian cinema It is totally #dhanushkraja there he can hit continous six and four