Anoop Menon and Bhamaa-starrer "Maalgudi Days", directed and scripted by brothers Visakh, Vivek and Vinod Sreekumar, is all set to hit the theatres on Friday, 8 January. 

Just a day before its release, actor Anoop shared his experience of meeting and working with the debutant directors for his upcoming movie, and taking the risk with great confidence. He added that the three youngsters' passion towards film-making should be a great inspiration to all movie aspirants. 

"Maalgudi days from tomorrow...i still remember three youngsters walking into my living room a year ago and narrating this story to the end of it i told them it is a fantastic story that can captivate the familiy audience all over, but it needs a great director to execute it..the three of them fell silent..and i knew at once they had themselves in mind as the directors...after a moment they said "chetta trust us, we will do fine" was a risky decision but the confidence in their young voices made me reply in the affirmative...a year later the film is ready...whatever be the fate of the film i cant doubt the back breaking hard work that these three brothers put in for the film..and to know that they left their lucrative jobs to pursue their passion, cinema, makes it more endearing...let us wish these young men alll the best..their victory could be a great inspiration for an entire fraternity of movie aspirants...(sic)," Anoop Menon shared on his Facebook page.

Anoop and Bhamaa will be seen as a couple (Zephan and Janet) in the emotional thriller, which also has child artistes Janaki and Vishal in the main roles. The film has an ensemble cast, with Priyanka Nair, Saiju Kurup, TP Madhavan, Nandu, Irshad, Nobi, Sathyadev, Abhi Madhav, Anand, Binoy, Master Alji Francis, Telugu actors Sathyadev and Sravan in pivotal roles.

"Maalgudi Days" has four Malayalam songs composed by Dr Praveen and a Russian song composed by Stoyan Ganev. While Sreekumar, Syamlal, Vinayak Sasikumar and Aby Jacob have penned the lyrics of the songs, they are sung by Vijay Yesudas, Divya S Menon, Sreya Jaideep, Gawreesh, Najim Arshad, Dr Praveen and Kshama.

The movie is being produced by V Company, and got a clean U certificate from the censor board on 2 January. While cinematography has been handled by Anil Nair, editing is by Shaijal PV and TS Vishnu has composed the background score of "Maalgudi Days".

"For us it is life before Maalgudi Days and after Maalgudi Days. It will never be the same again. From here it is either glory or peril, but even in this sleepless night, we feel proud about it. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. Please go watch the fruits of our labor in your nearest talkies...," writes the movie's one of the directors Visakh on his Facebook page.