Anoop Menon and Bhamaa's latest movie "Maalgudi Days", directed by brothers Visakh Sreekumar, Vinod Sreekumar and Vivek Sreekumar, has been receiving positive response from all quarters. Apart from garnering good reviews from critics and audience, the movie is being lauded by popular Malayalam filmmakers as well.

Directors Siddique, Kamal, Anwar Rasheed and Madhav Ramadasan have appreciated the director trio and actors of "Maalgudi Days" for coming up with the thriller movie inspired from a real life incident. The movie narrates an event that took place in a school in Nagaland in 2002.

"I saw the movie "Maalgudi Days" that narrates a real life incident that happened in a school in Nagaland in 2002. The movie will make us stick to our chairs with the same kind of feeling we had while watching "Malootty" in 1992," said director Siddique.

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Meanwhile, filmmaker Kamal called "Maalgudi Days" a simple and beautiful movie to be watched with kids and family. Anwar Rasheed has congratulated the director trio for their attempt in making a film based on such a bold and strong subject. "Anoop Menon's "Maalgudi Days" is good movie for family audience," "Premam" producer Anwar noted. 

"I saw the movie Maalgudi Days. It is a feel good movie for kids and adults alike. With the suspense element throughout, it becomes a thriller movie and discusses some socially relevant topics, "Apothecary" director Madhav Ramadasam wrote on his Facebook page.

"Maalgudi Days" has an intense and engaging screenplay written by the director trio and the cinematography is handled by Anil Nair, who has beautifully captured the beauty of Yercaud, Kuttikanam, Peerumedu and Munnar in Idukki, Kerala. While TS Vishnu has composed the background score of "Maalgudi Days", Shaijal PV has done the editing.

Produced by V Company, "Maalgudi Days" also has child artists Vishal and Janaki, Priyanka Nair, Saiju Kurup, TP Madhavan, Nandu, Irshad, Nobi, Sathyadev, Abhi Madhav, Anand, Binoy, Master Alji Francis, and Telugu actors Sathyadev and Sravan in significant roles. 

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