Gitanjali Selvaraghavan's directorial movie "Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam" has opened to fairly positive reviews. The movie is made in usual typical Selva's style and the film talks about the troubled relationship of a newly married.

"Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam" features Balakrishna Kola and Wamiqa Gabbi in the lead roles. The movie has Amrit's music, Sridhar's cinematography and Vasanth Rukesh's editing along with UJ Murugan's art direction.

Prabhu (Balakrishna Kola) and Manoja (Wamiqa Gabbi) are seen as husband and wife in the movie that narrates the complex story of the couple.They tied the knot at unavoidable situations and the contradicting characters strain their relationship. Prabhu, who tries to care his highly-opinionated wife, fails to express his love and eventually their relationship heads for divorce. The best part lies in the second half.

Both Balakrishna and Wamiqa are highly impressive in their roles. Their roles had good scope for performance and they could not have done better job than this! There are feel good songs backed with excellent background score. Cinematography and editing departments too have contributed their best.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

Audience Reviews:
The movie has been appreciated by cine-goers with many declaring that it is a must-watch for Selva's fans. Below, we bring you the audience's response to the film:

Raisa Nasreen wrote

#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam: Don't believe anyone who says it's a sweet love story. This is a tale of a abuser and his victim.
Watching the film wasn't the best way to begin the first day of the year. 10 am show at PVR had to wait for nearly over an hour for the show to begin. The vibes weren't good. #MNM
If someone tells you that #MaalaiNerathuMayakkam is heart touching love story, please call me. Will come and whack that person.

Kaushik LM wrote

#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam -Wish @selvaraghavan's hero & male chars come out of the brash, local template. But headstrong female lead as usual.
@selvaraghavan and @GitanjaliSelva say that arranged marriages are destined in heaven and will work if it has to.
No holds barred approach when it comes to swear words & some of the scenes. @selvaraghavan is bold as ever
Amrit's music and the heroine @GabbiWamiqa are the plus points. In-your-face portrayal of relationships by the team
portrays a turbulent arranged marriage relationship between two extreme ppl. Typical @selvaraghavan film
1st half - @GabbiWamiqa impresses wit her lip sync. Hero reminds 7g Ravikrishna totally. Good music by Amrit
1st half - has a disturbing pre-interval scene. Def. warrants the A certificate it has. Not for delicate audienceTharani RTK posted
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam First half simply Nice A couples Story...
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam Second half Nice.. A feel touch Selvaragavan film.. Music Excellent

Sathish Kumar posted

#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam First half - Absolutely no compromises on Selvaraghavan's script. Boldest scenes & dialogues in recent times
#MNM - Pakka Selvaraghavan script, well executed by Gitanjali targeting Selvaraghavan fans

Ramesh wrote

#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam [3/5]: As for as @selvaraghavan is concerned, this may not be at his past classic levels.. But he is back..
Debut director @GitanjaliSelva has handled a matured subject well.. No commercial compromises. Newcomer #BalakrishnaKola is aptly cast as the frustated husband.. A nice cameo act by @paro_nair. As with any @selvaraghavan scripts, the heroine has a powerful role.. Newcomer @GabbiWamiqa has performed well
dysfunctional marriage leads to a decisive moment.. Post that, what the couple do told in an intense way..
Lead pair #BalakrishnaKola and @GabbiWamiqa have done well so far.. Very intense.. No diversion elements
Brand @selvaraghavan script about a dysfunctional marriage between a classy wife and local husband..

Prashanth posted

MaalaiNerathuMayakkam interval - @selvaraghavan and @GitanjaliSelva are back !! Intense so far with selvas signature everywhere !!
Female lead @GabbiWamiqa is here to give many female leads a run for their money. matured/ top notch performance! #MaalaiNerathuMayakkam
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam - The movie will have Fantastic reception overseas. Especially in countries like US. Audience will love it.
Amrith - Music director of #MaalaiNerathuMayakkam deserves a big hug from the team. Soulful BGM and songs. Pillar to the movie.
Definitely not for the puratchi poratta piriyargal who consider sex illegal and against culture.
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam should be the first tamil movie in a decade to talk about marital rape. Kudos to the guts of @GitanjaliSelva .
Done watching #MaalaiNerathuMayakkam - pakka selva movie. If u love matured cinema , u will love this movie.

Dinesh tweeted

#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam interval - Superb making. Most happening storyline. Lovely narration with nice music. Heroine living the role.
Heroine nailed the role as a girl who is so stubborn & who believe in comfortability with partner before having sex. #MaalaiNerathuMayakkam
The hero in #MaalaiNerathuMayakkam did really well as a guy who is starving for physical needs from his wife in the name of love.
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam- First half was soo good with a mild and smooth screenplay. 2nd half had speedbreakers and seemed artificial.
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam is nice. Talks about a husband who is haunted by his wife's past therefore leading to overthinking and assumptions.
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam interval - Superb making. Most happening storyline. Lovely narration with nice music. Heroine living the role.

Meyyappan wrote

#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam heroine looks good. One song is nice. Too much RR. Cinematography is good. Big plus is the movie duration. 123mins
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam s all about a relationship between a boy and a girl being forced to marry by their parents. Family oda paka mudiyathu
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam one time watchable. After disaster #Irandamulagam it's a comeback for selvaraghavan but could have been better.

Haricharan Pudipeddi tweeted

#MalaiNerathuMayakkam partly good, partly regressive and has Selva written all over. Wouldn't say I enjoyed it but not a bad film either
This @GabbiWamiqa is a talent to watch out for. She was good in #BhaleManchiRoju and even better in #MaalaiNerathuMayakkam 

Sreedhar Pillai wrote

#MNM 3.25/5. Downside -Compromise ending, unnecessary bar song, Otherwise a good watch with tight editing by #Rukesh & #Amrit's music.
#MNM 3.25/5.#. BalakrishnaKola makes a good debut in a difficult role. Top class supporting actors #AzhagamPerumal & #KalyaniNataraj.
#MNM 3.25/5. Sensational debut by @GabbiWamiqa ,really gets into the skin of the character, lip sync with #DeepaVenkat's voice perfect.
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam 3.25/5. Bold and daring film explores an extremely sensitive topic in our society, well handled by @GitanjaliSelva .#MNM 3.25/5. @selvaraghavan ( writer) touch stamped all over. Plotline is simple, strong characterisation terrific new actors make it tick

Kannan posted

#MNM - Neat directorial debut by #Gitanjali without much compromises, effectively executing #Selva's strong script abt relationship issues.
#MNM - Newbies #Balakrishna & #Wamiqa rightly cast and performed well. #Amrit's songs and impressive BG score big plus 4 the film!
#MaalaiNerathuMayakkam - Bold and matured drama abt getting to terms in arranged marriage, exaggerated at times but solid. Go 4 it! (7/10)