Luxury Company Sells Perfect Ice Blocks for a Whopping $8 per Cube (Facebook/Gläce Luxury Ice)
Luxury Company Sells Perfect Ice Blocks for a Whopping $8 per Cube (Facebook/Gläce Luxury Ice)Facebook/Gläce Luxury Ice

'Luxury' ice cubes have been in demand recently among super wealthy and celebrities who wants premium blocks to go along their beverages. The perfect ice cubes are designed by California-based company and a bag of 50 cubes is estimated to cost a whopping $325.50 (£194).

Gläce Luxury Ice Co, the company that makes luxury ice cubes, claim that their cubes last longer and are healthier than other ordinary ice cubes found in freezer. The luxury cubes provide 'minimum dilution and maximum cooling.' The company also claims that the cubes are completely tasteless which allows the customers to increase their beverage experience, according to Daily Mail.

The ordinary method used by most of the people by filling their plastic tray with regular water and stacking it in freezer can be harmful to their health, according to the Gläce company.

"Traditional machine-ice, generally made with local tap water, may contain upwards of 150 impurities and carcinogens, resulting in poor tasting and potentially unhealthy ice," the firm claimed.

Whereas, Gläce's ice are cubes with perfect spheres with no impurities and is completely clear.

It further stretches that quality drinks deserve quality cooling. Additives, purified minerals and other such pollutants may pollute the taste of premium drinks and spirits. Ice cubes made in machine and plastic trays can have up to 150 different carcinogens and impurities. For fine wine, the company recommends their perfect luxury ice cubes, according to the company's website.

The cubes are carved manually from a 300lb (136kg) block of purified ice that measures 2.5 inches (6cm) across in shape. The spheres have a shelf life of 20 to 30 minutes after it is poured in a drink, while the 'G-cubed' ice can last up to 40 minutes.

The cubes are made from huge blocks of perfect ice from which the cubes are carved. It is made by allowing water to freeze from outside so that the center of the ice allows gas to escape. When it becomes almost frozen, it is allowed to drain and replaced with sprayed coatings to make it look completely clear.

The firm was founded by a business school lecturer, Roberto Sequeira at the University of Los Angeles. The company claims that a block of 8,000 cubic inches (20,320 cubic cm) ice would cost between $60 (£36) and $100 (£60), from which 500 of the luxury ice cubes can be made.

As Gläce sells at $325 (£194) for a bag of 50, an ice block of $100 (£60) could make an amazing $3,250 (£1,937) profit for the firm, although the firm has not yet confirmed.

The ice cubes also contain re-sealable bags, if it melts and contain a one-way air valve to thrust out possibly filthy ambient air, so that its customers will have a bag full of luxurious pure water.