New mummy was found in Egypt that is 3200 years old
Archaeologists have discovered a mummy that is said to be 3200 year old. [Representational Image] In Picture: An Egyptian archaeological technician walks behind a wooden sarcophagus in the Wood Laboratory at the conservation center of the Grand Egyptian Museum, under construction, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt on 21 August 2016.Reuters

Archaeologists from Spain have discovered what is believed to be a 3,200-year-old mummy in Luxor, Egypt, on Sunday. The mummy was found inside a wooden sarcophagus that was brightly coloured. The mummy was found near a temple from the era of 4th-millennium warrior king Thutmose III.

The tomb was said to have belonged to nobleman Amenrenef, who might have been a servant of the royal household, noted Egypt's Ministry of State of Antiquities. The mummy in the tomb dates between 1075 BC and 664 BC, according to reports.

The mummy was bound with linen that was stuck together with plaster and it was found to be in "good condition".

There were several colourful decorations and religious symbols adorned on the mummy, said Myriam Seco Alvarez, head of the Spanish archaeological team. The practice of wrapping bodies to preserve them following the death in Egypt can be traced to 4,500 BC.

King Thutmose III is considered one of the greatest conquerors in ancient Egypt. He is also famous for constructing over 50 temples and other building that was used to preserve the dead, the Guardian reported.

The Spanish archaeologists are working under the project called "Temple of Millions of Years" of Pharaoh Thutmose III. Egypt Independent reported that the archaeologists would undertake further study of the tomb to learn more about its owner. Luxor has several temples and tombs that were built by the old pharaohs of Egypt.