Lux Watch
Lux Watch

A luxury watch can turn heads and open doors for a businessperson, but with many retailing for well over $20,000, the idea of owning one is a pipedream for many.

Lux Watch Supply is rewriting the rules.

The company, founded in 2019, has pioneered a new business model: luxury timepiece competition. In short, it takes luxury timepieces and makes them affordable for all by gamifying the journey to ownership.

At the time of writing, the company has already given away nearly $7 million in watches and it's only gaining velocity.

Playing the game: Lux Watch Supply's Innovative Rules

Interested in your own luxury timepiece? Here's how Lux Watch Supply is making the dream a reality.

First, players choose how many tickets they want – up to 50 per person. The next step is playing the online game, which is "built to sort the connoisseurs from the pretenders."

From there, you'll be prompted to buy your ticket(s), and the watch winner is chosen via a Random Number Generator. Just like that, a five-figure watch can be yours for as little as $25.

Keeping the games fair

To ensure everybody who enters has the best odds of winning their own luxury timepiece, Lux Watch Supply caps the number of tickets to be sold. The price of all tickets typically adds up to right at the market value of the watch, and ticket supply is usually capped at 999.

In other words, there are no games or a gimmick – which is probably how the company has maintained a 5 - star rating on Trust Pilot.

Giving back while giving away

Need an extra incentive to buy a ticket? Lux Watch Supply has teamed up with Ecologi to turn every ticket purchased into an act of charity.

Thanks to the partnership, Lux Watch Company plants a tree for every ticket sold. Since the company's founding, it's planted well over 100,000 trees while also helping lead additional donations efforts.

The work with Ecologi shines a spotlight on the ESG-focus of Lux Watch Supply while also making sure tickets that don't win a watch are still, quite literally, changing the world.

Ready to become a Player?

While the price point of luxury watches has turned many people into wishful window shoppers, Lux Watch Company brings a chance for anybody to add a luxury timepiece to their wardrobe.

On any given day, you can find a $50,000 watch featured on the website's hero image, and on any given day, you might just take that watch home.