Idris Elba as Luther
Idris Elba as LutherFB / Luther

Even though Season 4 of BBC One's "Luther" was supposed to be the last season of the crime drama, it seems there will be more of the story for viewers, thought not as another season.

Show creator Neil Cross has expressed his interest in a feature film for the big screen instead of the small one which might mark one last appearance of Idris Alba as "Luther". However, there is no official confirmation from Elba on whether he will return for another instalment of "Luther".

A lot of factors will decide the fate of a movie version of "Luther", including public interest ratings and persuading a studio to finance the project as people would love to pay to see it in theatres.

Idris Elba is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood right now, as both fans and critics have praised his works in recent films. With movies like "Thor" and "Pacific Rim" in his bag, he is undoubtedly in the big leagues. Hence, there is a significant possibility that the movie version of "Luther" might turn into reality sooner than expected.

Though the rumours regarding Elba playing the next James Bond didn't turn out to be true, a "Luther" movie would undoubtedly be the next best thing fans could ask for.

The fourth season had only two episodes instead of the usual four. It might hint at a potential base the creators are planning to develop for a movie plot. The creators haven't revealed why they decided to go with just two episodes and it is a mystery till date.

One of the most prominent reasons why "Luther" garnered so much popularity is, like "Sherlock," the show was never bound by a "new season every year" restriction, thereby giving more productive and creative time to the creators and showrunners.

Regardless of a movie, "Luther" will always remain one of the favourite series of all those who love crime drama and fiction.