Shah Rukh Khan has confirmed that the song "Lungi Dance" voiced by rapper Honey Singh is a attribute to superstar Rajinikanth and is not a part of the upcoming film "Chennai Express".

Speaking to IANS, Shah Rukh praised the southern superstar who is fondly called Thalaivar (supreme leader) and hence the song was a 'Thlaivar Tribute'. "Who isn't a fan of 'The Rajinikanth'? I had met Honey Singh and Bhushan Kumar five days back and he made me hear the song, which is titled 'Thalaivar Tribute (Lungi Dance)'" he told the news agency,

"I found it very apt for Rajini sir and wanted to be a part of it as a fan of one of the greatest actors we have."

SRK added that the special tribute will also have Deepika Padukone in it. "Deepika, on my request, happily agreed to be a part of the song because even she is a huge fan of Rajini sir. The song is fun, happy and completely Rajinikanth Style," he said.

A video of the song's shooting has been released, which has both Shah Rukh and Honey Singh matching steps in the traditional wear lungi. The duo with half folded lungis are seen dancing away to the catchy beats and in the background are large Rajnikanth photos.

The short video, however, does not feature Deepika Padukone.

The spunky item was composed and written by hip-hop rapper Honey Singh and ace choreographer Chinni Prakash added some South inspired dance moves.

Here is the making of "Lungi Dance":