Lululemon on sale
Lululemon on sale

Anyone out in the market for some super-comfy, overpriced, branded pair of yoga pants, leggings, sweatshirts, sports bra, or any activewear clothing, Lululemon is where you'll check all the boxes. But this is a rare occasion and you could all of the above without having to break your savings. Lululemon is having a massive sale on its expensive workout clothing line, selling off some premium activewear at knock off prices. It's a big deal since Lululemon almost never has a sale on its lavish clothing and this might just be your lucky day.

But there's not much time to think whether you want to buy Lululemon clothing at half the price or even less. This is a limited period offer and there's no guarantee if the sale, as great as this, will be back again. It's worth noting that this is an online-only sale so you shouldn't worry about stepping out during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lululemon on sale
Lululemon on sale

Now, let's cut to the chase. Here are some of the best deals Lululemon is currently having. The sale ends on Monday, July 13, so make the most of the weekend and rush before your favourite pair of yoga pants go out of stock.

Best of Lululemon offers

  1. Sculpt Tank II: Available for just $39 instead of $58
  2. Align Crop 21" leggings for $69 instead of $88
  3. Speed Up Short 2.5": Available for $39 instead of $58
  4. Scuba Hoodie: Available for $89 instead of $118
  5. Wunder Lounge High-Rise Tight 28" Velvet: Available for $89 instead of $118
  6. Enlite Bra: Available for $39 instead of $98
  7. Up For It Bra Medium Support: Available for $29 instead of $78
  8. Down to the Wire Long Sleeve Shirt: Available for $69 instead of $108
  9. T.H.E. Short 11" Linerless: Available for $39 instead of $68

You can browse through the entire collection that's on sale to pick your favorite Lululemon wear from the official website. The top recommendations are solid grabs, not just in terms of discount, but also in terms of reviews and value-for-money.