LUKUP Player
LUKUP TV                                                                                                                                                                        LUKUP

Lukup has unveiled their On-Demand TV service through Lukup Player, a connected device. Catering in the same genre of Apple TV and Google TV, the Lukup Player can also stream the content across several screens, through WiFi.

Lukup claims the device will be able to deliver a large number of TV channels, in addition to those available on cable and DTH platforms. These additional channels will have content across multiple genres, including movies, shows, lifestyle and sports.

Using the Lukup Player, users will also be able to stream content on more than one screen or device - TV screens, tablets, mobile phones and wireless speakers - at any one time. The service includes unlimited recording capacity, starting from 500 GB which can be upgraded without limit. Users can also download content on their mobile devices, which they can access offline. With no minimum monthly subscription charges, users can pay per view.

"Our TV service is designed to meet the requirements of changing lifestyles and consumer behaviour where more and more people want their entertainment when they have time, on a device of their choice and even when they are travelling and away from home. We also want to bring content and channels not available to viewers in India currently and broaden their choice of content substantially," stated Kallol Borah, CEO, Lukup Media, while commenting on the launch.

The Lukup TV service is available in Bangalore now, and will be available across India in phases. The Lukup Player will be online and in retail stores from October 2014.

"The television and broadcast industry in India needs an overhaul since customers desire experiential content on a device of their choice, at a time of their liking. To cater to this demand, we are meticulously putting together an elaborate network for delivering content to our customers through an over the top (OTT) TV service," elaborated Harsha Mutt, Chief Financial Officer, Lukup Media.

"With exclusive content, movies and TV shows available on our video-on-demand platform, we aim to make life easier for our customers, inspiring them to celebrate their joie-de-vivre. Our association with various content providers is a significant step forward in this direction."