5 Seconds of Summer
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Luke Hemmings of "5 Seconds of Summer" turned 18 on Wednesday, and #HappyBirthdayLukeHemmings has been trending on Twitter ever since.

The Australian pop punk band exploded in to the music scene in 2012, and since then has managed to garner a strong fan following.

Their music has been compared to that of One Direction's and a number of fans have drawn parallels between Hemmings and Harry Styles, mainly because they are believed to be the most popular faces amongst their other band members.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Hemmings' birthday became a trending topic on Twitter, with a number of fans wishing him as soon as he turned 18.

Here are top five things to know about the singer.


Hemmings previously dated Aleisha McDonald, also a singer, but they broke up around the time "5 Seconds of Summer" took off. They dated for about a year, and YouTube even features a video of them singing a cover of "She Will be Loved" by Maroon 5.

His current celebrity crush is Mila Kunis.

Hemmings has a penguin obsession:

Hemmings is obsessed with penguins. His Instagram account is @luke_is_a_penguin, and he used to play at Club Penguin. But he was once banned for using bad words, according to Unrealitytv.

Football Fan:

All one has to do is take a look at Twitter to know that Hemmings is serious about sports, especially football. He is also good at rugby, and supports Cronulla Sharks in NRL, Unrealitytv reported.

He is a Foodie:

Hemmings is always hungry, and according to his bandmates, Hemmings won the 5Seconds of Summer Pizza Hut ice-cream eating competition, managing to finish 17 bowls of ice-cream in one go. His favorite ice-cream is Cookies and Cream, and he thinks pizza is the best food ever.


Hemmings and his bandmate Calum Hood appear to have a bromance going on, and they are affectionately known as Cake.

While Hemmings' band members Michael Clifford and Calum Hood tweeted by their mate's birthday, Ashton Irwin appears to have forgotten about it. Irwin's last post was a thank you note to fans for buying tickets to their next year's tour.