Will Luke Cage interconnect with MCU movies?
Will Luke Cage interconnect with MCU movies?FB / Luke Cage

It seems that Luke Cage will introduce the renowned Heroes for Hire team in its premiere episode, scheduled to stream on Netflix this month.

The series, which is based on Marvel comic book character of same name, will adapt various other comic book elements from Luke Cage comics, including Heroes for Hire team, to which Luke is closely associated.

However, Cheo Hodari, show-runner of the series, has said that the team might be introduced in the second season as right now the primary emphasis will be on development of Luke's character (portrayed by Mike Colter).

In a recent interview, Hodari said: "Now in my mind — we don't go into Heroes for Hire in Season One of Luke Cage— Luke Cage Season One is ultimately about the evolution of a hero. I think what's appealing about Luke is the fact that he's just somebody who's just your normal, average guy. He presents himself that way. He's not pretentious, but then at the same time, feels a responsibility to kind of push forward."

Recent reports have stated that Luke will collaborate with other Marvel super hero, Iron Fist (portrayed by Finn Jones). However, they won't unite in the first season, but there is a significant possibility that both the superheroes will form an alliance and fight various crimes together.

"Well, I mean Finn Jones will be in the mix for The Defenders. In terms of Luke Cage, Netflix has to order a second season first. And trust me, I don't take any of this for granted because I mean there was no more sure thing than Vinyl (ed note: HBO's drama was cancelled after one season)," Hodari said.

"We're not treating it as a one-off, and I'm confident people will dig the show, but, trust me, like Season Two, I've got a few ideas. But we really won't get ready until Netflix sees the viewership, and hopefully the subscriptions that will come from this show, and then they'll say, 'Let's get into it.'"

Luke Cage is scheduled to stream on Netflix on 28 September.