UK researchers found that people who possess lower levels of 'love hormone' or oxytocin are likely to have lesser empathy towards others.Reuters

A new study found that those who have low levels of oxytocin, also known as "love hormone", are likely to have lesser empathy towards others.

This study was carried out by the researchers of the University of Cardiff in Wales, UK. They also found that the well-being of people with lower levels of the oxytocin hormone could be improved with the help of oxytocin replacement therapy.

This study comprised of 40 participants, who were divided into two groups. Out of the two groups, the first group included 20 people who suffered from a medical condition which led to depletion of the oxytocin levels in the body. The second group consisted of 20 healthy people. The study highlighted that the people with low oxytocin levels did bad on empathy-related tests. Empathy refers to the ability to understand the feelings of other people.

"This is the first study which looks at low oxytocin as a result of medical, as opposed to psychological, disorders. If replicated, the results from our patient groups suggest it is also important to consider medical conditions carrying a risk of low oxytocin levels," said the lead researcher Katie Daughters, a society news release quoted.

The oxytocin is stored in the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the skull. This hormone is secreted by the body during sex, breastfeeding and childbirth.

Those who underwent a pituitary surgery will have the chances of going through oxytocin replacement, as per the researchers.

More research will be conducted on this in order to confirm the above findings.