Photos of ISIS leade al Baghdadi's wife have gone viral
Photos of ISIS leade al Baghdadi's wife have gone viralYouTube Screenshot

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi romanced his wife Saja Hamid al-Dulaimi before marriage on the Internet, according to reports.

Al-Dulaimi got in touch with Baghdadi even as she was "looking for a jihadi to marry," after the death of her husband.

This comes amid speculation whether the woman detained in Lebanon last week is Baghdadi's wife al-Dulaimi. Her photo had surfaced online months ago. 

The two became closer online, sources in the Middle Eastern security establishment told NBC News.

Al-Dulaimi's previous husband had been killed in a skirmish with the Iraqi Army, following which she sought a new husband online,. The officials did not say which online platform the two met on.

However, their current status remains a mystery, with some reports suggesting they are lovers, while some stating they were married but divorced currently.

Al-Dulaimi came into prominence in March this year when she was reportedly part of the prisoner swap between the Syrian government and the Al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate.

At the time, she was widely referred to as 'al-Badghadi's correct wife', the report says. The Al-Nusra members had been instructed "'not to touch her."