Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk
Bradley Cooper and Irina ShaykScreenshot/Youtube

They are the hottest new couple in town. Painting the town red, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's romance is getting really intense. But is it love, lust, or a rebound?

According to OK! Magazine, this is sheerly a rebound because both of them are fresh out of past relationships. Bradley called it quits with Suki Waterhouse and Irina broke off with Cristiano Ronaldo after a five-year relationship.

But even so, the new couple is enjoying each other thoroughly.

"It was lust at first sight. He can't keep his eyes or hands off her. It's clear she brings out his passionate side," a source said.

"Irina's sex appeal is the main lure for him right now. If she's looking for something serious, he may wind up hurting her," an insider added.

After Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse first broke the news of their split, it seemed like they might get back together. Apparently, Bradley kept his relationship with Suki open-ended when they broke up. The two were also spotted at Coachella, hugging and kissing along with the rest of the crowd.

And now, he is into Irina. It has been learnt that the "The Hangover" star was paired up with the supermodel by his team. According to reports, Irina was on top of Bradley's wishlist of replacements for Suki Waterhouse.

"They were hooked up by his management. Bradley was presented with a load of photos of gorgeous single women willing to date him," an insider revealed.

"He immediately put Irina's photo at the top of the pile when he clocked her. And after their date, he's been raving about her being the sexiest woman he's ever seen," the insider added.

So is it possible that Bradley is just playing around with Irina to prove something to Suki? Will he hurt her?