The rappers of "Love & Hip Hop New York" do not have the best reputation when it comes to cheating and adultery — their best known nickname is, after all, "creep squad" — but last week, Papoosem raved again that it is possible to have a loving relationship in the Hip Hop community. However, other people in the business, especially the cast of "LHHNY" Season 6, do not seem to have reached the point of maturity that allows them to be as dedicated as Papoose is to his better half Remy Ma.

In the last week, Papoose not only uncovered the person who spead false rumours about him on social media — claiming he is the father of her children — but also went on to school media organisations that ran the story claiming he may have cheated on his wife. The couple only recently wed, and is a stellar example of loving husband and wife.

However, there are the likes of Peter Gunz on "LHHNY" Season 6, who is still shuttling between his baby mamas — one of whom he is married to; Self, who keeps his main girlfriend on the side while he goes around with other women; like Cardi B; and Richie D, ever the commitment-phobe, who has a new girlfriend every season. Although, to be fair to him, he did seem very committed to Moniece Slaughter in the previous season of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" before she ruined the relationship by trying to get with her baby daddy Lil Fizz.

Continuing the trend of the "creep squad", Cisco may be getting intimate with his prospective business partner Mariah Lynn. She did have a brief fling with Richie D, who had promised to produce her "next big hit", but seeing that he is taking his sweet time with everything, Lynn decided to take matters into her own hands and approach Cisco.

In the promo for the upcoming Season 6 Episode 4 of "Love & Hip Hop New York", we see the couple discussing their future as business partners and maybe more. What is interesting is Cisco is already dating Miss Moe Money, one half of rap duo BBOD. She is not shy about raising her hand to prove a point, and if come to that, we can't wait to watch how a duel between Moe and Lynn will go.

Watch Season 6 Episode 4 of "Love & Hip Hop New York", titled "The Bald and the Beautiful", at 8 pm (EST) on Monday, 4 January. You can also watch the episode online for free via the vh1 website.