"Love & Hip Hop: New York" Season 6 is off to a great start, especially with all the relationship drama involving Peter-Amina-Tara and Yorma-Self-Cardie B. Now, especially with the introduction of Richie D's daughter to the show in Episode 2, drama is spelled with capital "D" for at least the founding member of the "creep squad".

With Tara's master-plan last week, Peter's plan to keep his on-again-off-again girlfriend and the mother of his children Tara blew over, but Amina finally revealed that she was pregnant again. While Tara maintains she just needs closure form Peter and she and Amina both deserve to know the truth, Amina claims Tara is just putting on a façade of the proud black woman, when all she wants is to get back with Peter.

Their storyline is going to be the focus of the show, especially with the surprise pregnancy; we also saw a few promos of the two women fighting. But now, with fan-favourite Cardi B unleashed against the girlfriend of her boo DJ Self, we will get to see more catfights in Episode 3.

Although Cardi B has a man behind the bars, Self has been trying to get together with her. In the previous episode, we saw him admitting he truly cares for Yorma, his girlfriend of a year, but is not sure if he is ready to be monogamous with her. However, she does not know that. In the coming episode, his girlfriend and Cardi are going to meet, and definitely clash, at MariahLynne's birthday party.

While Cardi is flying solo at the party, Self is there with his girlfriend, who is admittedly a little jealous. Cardi heads over to them and makes Yorma question their relationship. A fight ensues, the result of which will be revealed when "Love & Hip Hop" Season 6 Episode 3 airs on Monday.

You can live-stream the episode via the Vh1 website.