"Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood" is in itself already very dramatic and filled with catfights, but when all the cast-members come together in a single room, you can imagine how easily things can get out of hand. The first half of the Season 2 reunion was aired on VH1 last week, and second half can be seen on Monday, 7 December.

So far it has been confirmed that Princess and Ray J are engaged, Brandi and husband Max have sorted out their "ring" differences, Amber has accepted that her long-time sweetheart is gay, and Richie D still loves Moniece. However, their relationship is definitely on the rocks, and it almost caused a fight last week, with Nikki Baby claiming Richie D was looking for a way out and if Fizz isn't going to protect his Baby Mama, she is.

The status of their relationship remains inconclusive, but even if they did try to salvage it, Richie and Mo-Mo have a long way to go in terms of trust and love. The show, however, took a very dramatic turn when Moniece got emotional about her son, and everyone attacked her for not being a good mother.

When she mentioned how she had to put her career on hold, Brandi and Shana — themselves mothers — decided to chime in, along with Amber. They were all of the opinion that when it comes to their children and everything else, there is really no choice because the children always win. Moniece was not happy being advised to raise her own son, and Brandi — as always — was quick to jump in for the fight.

In part one of "Reunion", Omari and Apryl's absence was deeply felt, and although Ray said they were busy with work, reports now suggest the happy couple has left the show for good. 

In the second part, we will also see Hazel E and blogger Jason Lee speaking about their spat: Jason throwing a drink to her face. However, the biggest drama will emerge when Milan reveals he was intent on proposing to his boyfriend Miles, but was heartbroken to learn the rapper was cheating on him.

We know Miles had been closeted about his feelings for Milan in the past, even hiding it from his parents and on-and-off girlfriend Amber. However, he had claimed to be in love with the man, and the only reason for hiding it was he did not want to upset his family or Amber by telling them he is gay. But from Milan's revealing comment, it looks like Miles was cheating on him, too, with another man.

Watch the entire drama unfold in Season 2 Episode 15 of "Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood", which will be aired at 8 pm (EST) on Monday, 7 December. You can also live-stream "Reunion - Part Two" via vh1.