"Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood" has finally wrapped up its Season 2, complete with the two-part reunion episodes. It certainly was a fitting finale to the drama-filled show that documented the lives of hip-hop artists in Hollywood, with its own share of brawls, cat-fights and even closures.

However, it turns out there was quite a bit that got cut out of the shows, due to time constraints, and we fortunately got hold of someone who attended the event live. Some of the major issues that the Reunion episodes touched upon were Moniece and Richie D's relationship status, Moniece's efficiency as a mother, Kamaya's breezy "appetising" relationship with Fizz, Ray and Princess's engagement, Max and Brandi's ring problems, Miles' betrayal of Amber and Milan and Soulja Boy's financial status.

Despite all that, there were still quite a few fights that did not make it to vh1 in the reunion episodes. In fact, Amber even tried to fight an audience member, while Richie D and Ray's argument which was limited to the latter standing up in the episode, had ended with a heated argument between the two.

It is also understood that Nikki's comments on Fizz not standing up for Moniece was induced by him initially claiming that Mo and Richie were no longer together. He however, tried to disentangle himself from the statement later in the show.

Mo evidently stood strong against the "mom squad" consisting of Brandi, Shanda and Amber, but it turns out all of the fight was not included in the episode. Similarly Milan's accusations on Miles was also cut short in the two-parter reunion episodes.

Here are the verbatim reports on the live show, as per an audience member:

"They may or may not make the cut for TV. I was in the audience, it was almost 12 hours of filming, if they're make going to make it fit into two 40 minute shows, a lot will be cut. I can confirm the argument between Hazel and Ray J. Moniece nearly fought multiple times, Princess, Bandy, and the stripper mom who's name escapes me at the moment. Also the woman who was dating Miles nearly fought an audience member. Ray J and Rich had a big argument. tt was there just instigating. Soulja Boy just was an accessory, he had this weird baby fit during his story, his girl nearly fought his side chick. Plenty of action will air, I'm sure."