From the time Shanda and her husband Willie of "Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood" moved to California, they have been feeling the pinch of not having enough money. Shanda, who used to be an exotic dancer, has expressed her willingness to go back to the club, if that is what it takes to feed her children.

Although Willie is vehemently against the idea, he is in a tricky situation with some deals he signed. He still tells her he has it under control, but Shanda has stopped taking his word for it. She wants to get back in her dancing shoes, and she is seeking the help of Miss Nikki Baby for it.

As we all know, Nikki is a businesswoman who runs a successful chain of strip-clubs, and Shanda hopes to work for her. Nikki, who initially suggested Shanda work as a bartender or door girl, is surprised to learn she wants to be a dancer instead.

"I have a lot of experience with that. I can do that with my eyes closed," she tells Nikki, who will hopefully become her new employer. One can only hope her husband also comes on board with the idea.

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