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Cardi B is one of the most popular stars of Vh1's "Love and Hip Hop" franchise and her Instagram following is a clear indication of that. So, if you get mentioned by the rapper in one of her rant clips, you are going to get a whole lot of attention from her millions of fans.

Hopefully, the same will happen for Angel Brinks, who is a designer and a fan-favourite cast member of "Basket Ball Wives: LA" in her own right. Cardi recently posted a clip of herself wearing a little black dress designed by Angela and she seemed really impressed with it.

"Yass Angel Brinks," Cardi gave a shout-out to Angel before adding, "Look at me. Yass! I'm feeling this feathers. I'm like an exotic bird, like a.. like a a... a crow... a crow that comes to your funeral. Like a.. what is that?.. A Falcon. B---- I'm a falcon. [sic]"

Clearly, Cardi is taken by the dress, and from the comments it looks like her fans are too. Most comments are along the lines of "That dress is bomb though!!" Cardi wore the dress to her meet and greet/listening party on April 28 night. 

Angel seems to be a favourite among many celebs popularised by Vh1 shows. "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" fame Hazel E, who celebrated her 36th birthday on Monday, April 25, wore her an Angel creation during her birthday bash. The body-hugging transparent dress also seems to have impressed many a fans.