A first year MBA student of IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Bangalore committed suicide after being dipressed over her lover failure and her boyfriend's status on Facebook.

According to police sources, her classmates did not find her in class on Monday and, because they knew she was upset because of her hurtful breakup, they went to check on her.

The students informed the security person and found her body hanging from the ceiling fan in her hostel room.

The 22-year-old, Malini had a fight with her boyfriend Abhishek Dhan, after which she locked herself up in her hostel room no 421.

"She had not attended any classes that day and it seems like a case of disappointment in love. She had just returned from Delhi and had a fight with her boy friend, a certain person called Abhishek, IBN Live quoted Police Inspector Mohan Kumar of Mico Layout police station as saying.

"In her suicide note, found on her laptop, Malini mentioned that the boy had shouted at her and used foul language. This seems to have prompted her to take the extreme step," the source added.

According to media reports, following the breakup, Abhishek had updated his Facebook status describing how glad he was, and used the words "independence" and "super cool" to describe his feelings post-breakup.

The management student identified herself in the Facebook page as Malini Murmu, 22-year-old who lives in Bangalore, belongs to Jamshedpur and secured admission last year.

Before taking the extreme step Malini scribbled down in a white, all the painful things her boyfriend had allegedly told her, and short sentences such as "I hate you", "Worst person ever" and "revenge".

Meanwhile, medical experts in the city called Malini's age as "fragile" prone to relationship problem.

"At 22, Malini was at a fragile age. People tend to take the extreme step when they are unable to cope with disappointment," said Head of Department of Epidemiology, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences G. Gururaj.

"If anyone gets a suicidal thought, he should learn to postpone it. Even postponing the thought will help one come out of depression," advised the professor.

Expressing concerns over Mallini's incident and concerning the recent trends of social networking and the madness to expose personal secrecy through social networking platform counselor Anita Gracias, called the phenomenon as "a habit to judge oneself by how the world judges them."

Meanwhile IIM-B offered condolence in her memory. Her family members collected her body from the Victoria Hospital.