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Your favourite energy drinks, which pep you up whenever you are strained and tired, have a severe impact on your teeth

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A 34-year-old dentist, Dr Tom Bierman, carried out an experiment and found how these caffeine-rich beverages affect your teeth. The results are unimaginable.

The Dr Bierman used his wisdom teeth, which he had plucked out back in his twenties, to conduct the experiment. He immersed his teeth in different drinks and left it for a span of two weeks to see the outcome, a report by Figure 1 revealed.

The outcome was extremely alarming. One tooth was left in a cola bottle, the second one was immersed in diet cola, the third tooth was left in a well-known energy drink.

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This is what happens to the teeth after it was kept in cola for two weeks.Dr Bierman

The first tooth, which was kept in cola, had turned almost black colour.

"The diet cola tooth didn't do much but was definitely stained," Dr Bierman stated as per a report by Express.

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Energy drink damages the teeth to such an extent that its enamel started chipping off, changing its color to that of rust.Dr Bierman

The most damaged tooth was the one that was submerged in the energy drink. After two weeks, large pieces of the enamel was found chipping off the tooth and the colour too had changed to a rusty reddish-brown. 

"The enamel on this tooth was crumbling away – it had been a lot more destructive to the enamel than the cola tooth," Dr Bierman explained.

"Even more concerning is that this was the sugar-free version of the energy drink: it's very potent stuff," he said further.

Apart from harming your teeth, consumption of too much of energy drinks can also trigger cardiac arrests.

Image credits: figure1.com