Captain Richard Abu Manneh proposed to a very special passenger
Captain Richard Abu Manneh proposed to a very special passenger Twitter/Royal Jordanian

Some opt for a candlelit dinner, while some prefer a romantic trip as a perfect setting for a romantic marriage proposal. But, recently a pilot decided to propose to the love of his life mid-air. He got down on his knees and proposed to his girlfriend on Royal Jordanian Airlines' morning flight from Amman to Dubai.

First officer Richard Abu Manneh reportedly stepped out of the cockpit to propose to his girlfriend during the flight. In the images shared by the airline on social media, it was seen that the pilot got down on his knees to propose to the lady in front of other flyers.

First Officer Richard Abu Manneh proposing his girlfriend
First Officer Richard Abu Manneh proposing his girlfriend Twitter/Royal Jordanian

The official Twitter account of Royal Jordanian Airlines shared images of the love-struck moment and wrote: "Love was literally in the air onboard Royal Jordanian's flight to Dubai this morning. Captain Richard Abu Manneh proposed to a very special passenger to his heart"

The woman said 'yes' to the royal proposal. And, the couple was seen hugging each other in the pictures, as fellow passenger looked on in amazement and took photographs of their mid-air romance. "The Royal Jordanian family wishes them a lifetime of happiness," the airline said.

This is, however, not the first time that someone proposed to their sweetheart mid-air. Just a few months back an amateur pilot, Anthony Bordignon, took his girlfriend of two years, Katherine Wareham, on a plane ride with him.

But, that was not all; he faked an engine failure as part of a marriage proposal and gave her a fake check-list to read. He said: "I'm not getting any response on the controls here" and then warned her that they may have to make an emergency landing in a field.

She read the checklist which said: "Will the pilot in command love the passenger forever?... Will you marry the pilot in command?" It was then that she realised that it is actually a marriage proposal and shouts 'I hate you' before bursting into tears and screaming.