Louie Gohmert
Louie Gohmert is the 10th congressman to test positive for the novel coronavirus.

US Representative Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican, who endorsed the idea of going outside without face mask while roaming around the Capitol Hill during the pandemic, has been tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Gohmert was tested positive at the White House in a pre-screening procedure just hours before he was about to fly with US President Donald Trump to Texas.

As soon as his test turn out to be Covid-19 positive, Gohmert went back to his Capitol Hill office to inform his staff about his diagnosis, according to the people familiar with the development reported to ABC News.

After the news came out, some lawmakers expressed their anger and pointed out the fact that those (members of Congress) who refuse to wear masks are putting the lives of their colleagues and Capitol Hill staff in danger.

Rep. Jennifer Wexton tweeted, "I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you're a Member of Congress who refuses to wear a mask on Capitol Hill, you're not only putting your colleagues at risk—you're endangering the staff who works here, including many of my constituents. Wear a damn mask."

Vicky Ward, Louie Gohmert, William Barr

Last month, Gohmert had reasoned (similar to that of Trump) that he did not feel the need to wear a mask as he was being tested regularly.

"I don't have the coronavirus, turns out as of yesterday I've never had it. But if I get it, you'll never see me without a mask," Gohmert told CNN in June.

According to reports, Gohmert is the 10th congressman to test positive for the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, many people fear that United States Attorney General William Barr might have also contracted to the novel virus.

"Gohmert attended Tuesday's hearing with William Barr in person, where lawmakers were seated at some distance from one another. But footage from before the hearing shows Gohmert and Barr walking together in close contact, with neither wearing a mask," journalist Vicky Ward tweeted.