The company Lost My Name was started by three dads and an uncle who wanted to create a personalised book for children. It ended up becoming a part-time publisher and, partially, a tech company.

Lost My Name is now gearing up to launch their second personalised book, titled "The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home".

The company's first book, "The little Boy/Girl who lost his/her name", became a hit and was the top bestselling picture book in the UK in 2014. The book has already sold a million copies worldwide, Fastcodesign reported.

"I like to think it is the most technically ambitious book ever created," said Asi Sharabi, a co-founder.

In their second book, a boy/girl navigates their way back home from outer space. The company, backed by Microsoft, Google Ventures and others, has used many algorithms and developers to come up with the technologically-enhanced book.

The book is one of the seven aboard a rocket currently bound for the International Space Station, Fastcodesign reported.

The first book dealt with readers' search for their names. "For the new book, we started asking what are the other universally personal elements that are a strong part of a child's identity? The answer is home and locality. That is a sense of belonging," said Asi Sharabi.

For the Lost My Name team, personalisation should be an emotionally resonating experience, according to the Fastcodesign report.

"We wanted the wildest, craziest ideas for personalisation, not use technology for the sake of technology. We want to go to the absolute roots of what makes a brilliant story," said Sharabi.

Each of the customised books costs $30 and is made to order through the company's website. Customers are required to provide the child's name and address, choose an outfit and confirm the location of their house on a satellite photo. After that, the team has to ensure the satellite images match the child's address.

The story of a child's journey from space back home has to engage children. "We are keen to deliver more magic." Sharabi was quoted by Fastcodesign as saying.

Watch the Incredible Intergalatic Journey Home by Lost My Name team: