Sakshi Agarwal and Losliya
Sakshi Agarwal and Losliya.PR Handout

Losliya has followed the footsteps of Oviya and Janani Iyer by refusing to accept an award given to her inside the Bigg Boss Tamil show. Indeed, the actress has apparently thrown away the badge given to her by the guests and eliminated contestants like Mohan Vaidya, Sakshi Agarwal and Abhirami Venkatachalam.

The latest promo posted on the social media sites page of Vijay Television shows the guests declare 'Pachondhi' (chameleon) Award to Losliya. She collects the badge, but throws it on stage. "Actually, I don't want it. You keep it for yourself," Losliya says before she leaves the stage.

"If you don't want throw it somewhere outside. Why are you dumping it here," furious Mohan Vaidya asks Losliya. Sakshi Aggarwal is apparently upset with her gesture and walks out of the stage. "I will not present awards if there is no respect for judges and elders," she puts out her anguish.

It may be recalled that Oviya and Janani Iyer in the first and second season of Bigg Boss Tamil had rejected the similar awards with dignity, but Losliya's gesture to throw it in front of the judges have met with a lot of criticism.

The audience are calling her an arrogant person, while her fans are attacking the judges. Many feel that Mohan Vaidya and Sakshi deserve the awards stating that they used to change their colors during their stay in the house.

Check out the select-few comments made by the netizens:

Jensila Sharon •゚: Nobody is targeting her for no reason. She's actually living a great luxurious life over there. Not a proper physical task yet.
Everyone have seen her double faced game with cheran sir. Even Mohan sir knows it that's why he gave this award to her #BiggBossTamil

rajkri5: Nee enna pannalum oviya aaga mudiyathu. Oviyaoda good qualities onnu kooda unkittadiii.
Pachonthi #Losliya

Vidhya Victor✨: You r a pachondhi. Looseliya u deserve it. U can't be oviya by rejecting it, oviya didn't trow it. She just gave it back to snehan as she can't accept. What a worse attitude looseliya. Full of arrogance.

Srikkanth: Losliya Beast mode on.. Come on Losliya u should have thrown that on their faces but still ok.. Straightforward and bold..You're rocking girl..#BiggBossTamil3 #BiggBossTamil #Losliya #VoteforLosliya

SWஆG: So rude to #Losliya! She's not fake, she's just confused! I can't stand #Mohan and #Sakshi, such insensitive ppl! They are the one who shows attitude and calling someone else that. S1 Oviya rejected it and S2 Jannani rejected! Nothing wrong. #BiggBossTamil3

bigilanandha: #Sakshi mental you're not a judicial judge, you have been thrown out by ppl and you r coming back as like a visitor. Don't act as if you are a legend. The same applies for Mohan vaidhya, to b honest he should honor himself with the Chameleon award. #BiggBossTamil3

KinMin: How long are they going to keep giving these useless awards? No one with self respect and dignity will accept pachindhi award! Idhula loosu judges vera #BiggBossTamil3

Sai: Best award to los ... nee vangala na ena? Nanga apdi than nenaikerom... en kovam los?ku ohhhh kakoos rani nu award kodukalaiya?

hijabigurl2: Judges and elders ku respect illaiyam. Semma comedy You should earn it not begging like this. #Sakshi #Mohan Full vengeance la antha award kudupinga and u except respect from her? What nonsense.

Siddharth Abhimanyu : She is a pachonthi!!!
Now all the housemates including #kavin and #Sandy might think about her reputation outside!!
But rejecting the award reminds me of someone from bb1 or 2? She's copying someone.

Cable Raja: Even when #Oviya rejected the award, she talked calm and decent and she kept the award back at the stand... #biggbosstamil3 intha #Losliya is over attitude .

Tamil Indian: This reward should be given to mohan himself. He is biggest fake person who is after girls and had wrong intentions always. Its a shame that he has been made as a judge by stupid BB team . #BiggBossTamil3

Tamil Indian: This reward should be given to mohan himself. He is biggest fake person who is after girls and had wrong intentions always. Its a shame that he has been made as a judge by stupid BB team . #BiggBossTamil3

rajkumar270394: The award should goes to sherin or cheran...both of them is fake in that house..