Covid hair loss
Covid hair lossTorontostar

After breathing problem, lung damage and fibrosis; the survivors of the coronavirus are dealing with another after-effect, i.e, acute hair loss. Several patients, who had once tested positive for coronavirus, have either lost their entire hair or are losing major chunks of it every day. This has become a big concern as it not only shows how gravely the Covid – 19 virus ruptures the bodily functions but also proves that no age group is immune to the after-effects.

Several survivors have now come forward and revealed that before they were tested positive, their hair quality was good. However, after testing positive the body reacted in a strange way by shedding out the hair. The pipes would be choked, drains would be blocked and they would end up with massive 'mouse like' chunk of hair in their fingers, reports

Covid 19 positive child
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Kawasaki like symptoms in children

In both Mumbai and Delhi, several children had been admitted after battling coronavirus with a rare illness like symptoms called Kawasaki disease. The illness is caused due to vasculitis, which basically is the inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body. Fever in children that last upto five days and doesn't respond to medications, rashes and inflammation were some of the symptoms with which few survivors of coronavirus had been admitted with in both the cities.

Patients back in hospital after covid recovery
Patients back in hospital after covid recoveryIBT

Pulmonary fibrosis

Several recovered patients of coronavirus came back to the KEM hospital, almost a month after defeating the virus, with complains of shortness of breath. Upon assessment, it was revealed that almost 22 patients had returned to the hospital with pulmonary fibrosis, which is excessive scarring and damaging of the lung tissues. Many of them would need oxygen support for a long time and many probably for a lifetime.