Sahil Makhija, popularly known as Demonstealer, is best known as the frontman of Mumbai-based black/death metal band Demonic Resurrection and the now-defunct heavy metal band Workshop. One of the pioneers of the Indian metal scene, Makhija also releases music under the monikers of Reptilian Death and Demonstealer. He is currently gearing up to release the second Demonstealer album, "The Burden is Mine," March 25, 2016.

While preparing for his upcoming album, Makhija shared with us 10 songs that he is listening to on loop right now and also why he likes them so much. Let's check it out.

Obscura – "Akroasis"

Makhija: "Technical death metal at it's finest, this captures Obscura at their best. The production is beautifully organic allowing the music to really breathe and showcase the virtuosity of the band. Catch riffs, tight drums, incredible bass playing and vocals that perfectly compliment it all."


Fallujah - "The Void Alone"

Makhija: "An accidental discovery of mine via a press release I received and thankfully I checked them out. Incredibly complex death metal filled with blast beats, crunchy riffs and adding a whole lot of ambience and atmosphere. These guys create a unique soundscape with their music; peace and chaos rolled into one with exceptional female vocals to ice the cake."


Gods Of Eden – "Overseer"

Makhija: "Discovered these guys as a recommended video while listening to Fallujah and what a brilliant song this is! Soaring vocals, catchy melodies, incredible guitar work and pounding drums, these guys are not only stellar at their instruments, but they write great songs too."


Steven Wilson – "Routine"

Makhija: "If there is one musician who can evoke the emotions of a listener, it is Steven Wilson. This song is beautiful. You feel the melancholy through the track. It's as dynamic as it is lengthy but it keeps your attention throughout. Haunting keys and soulful lyrics tell this beautiful story."


Soilwork - "Death In General"

Makhija: "If there is one band that writes the best and catchiest choruses in metal it is Soilwork. These Swedish metal pioneers do not disappoint. This has the trademark Soilwork sound with a memorable chorus."


Fleshgod Apocalypse - "The Fool"

Makhija: "The song is an incredible blend of death metal and symphony. The band blends symphonic elements into their death metal and they do it with perfection. The blast beats are unrelenting on their tracks and it's definitely a headbanging track."


Within Temptation - "Somebody That I Used to Know" (Gotye Cover)

Makhija: "Absolutely loved the original song but this is the rock version I've been longing for. They've not changed it up much but it's a great rendition and definitely a great vocal performance."


Abbath - "Fenrir Hunts"

Makhija: "Black metal master Abbath is back in his solo avatar but delivering his classic style of black metal. If you loved Immortal then you will love the sound of the track. Blast beats, tremolo riffs; it's a blistering tune."


Rotting Christ - "Apage Satana"

Makhija: "These guys create an incredible atmosphere with their music. Going beyond the confines of regular black metal, taking inspiration and soundscapes from different cultures, this song has a brooding and haunting atmosphere."


Ihsahn - "Mass Darkness"

Makhija: "One of my biggest inspirations, he can do no wrong musically. An absolutely stellar track of proggy black metal."

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