'Looking' Season 2 spoilers.
'Looking' Season 2 spoilers.Facebook/ Looking

"Looking" season 2 episode 9 "Looking For Sanctuary" will air on Sunday, 15 March. The HBO series, which follows the lives of three gay best friends and their token "hag", currently deals with a relationship that stemmed from cheating, a man pursuing his dreams and a boyfriend trying to live his partner's STD.

As of episode 7 "Looking for a Plot", Kevin (Russell Tovey) has broken up with his long-time boyfriend Jon (Joseph Williamson), because he is "hopelessly and madly in love" with Patrick (Jonathan Groff).

In the following episode, "Looking for Glory", even Patrick admitted to his boss that he loves. After a double date with his ex-boyfriend Richie (Raúl Castill), and a failed attempt at promoting their newly developed app at "GaymerX convention", it seems like the next step for the couple is to move in together.

In the promo for "Looking for Sanctuary", Patrick and Kevin are seen shopping for a bed. As the shop employee explains the characteristics of a mattress, Kevin points at a smugly smiling Patrick, and tells him, "this one likes it nice and hard". While many fans are rooting for Richie and Patrick to get together, it seems like the couple is still in honeymoon bliss.

Meanwhile, the other happy couple Augustin (Frankie J Alvarez) and Eddie (Daniel Franzese) are facing a few bumps on the road as the former tries to understand what it is like, to be in a relationship with someone who is HIV positive. In the previous episode, it shows that while having sex, Eddie accidentally ejaculates into Augustin's eye and gets paranoid about getting AIDS. Later, he apologises to Eddie and says that he still wants to be with him.

In the promo for episode 9, Augustin asks his boyfriend if he had any crazy side-effects while taking Truvada, a medicine for AIDS. When Eddie asks why, he says, "I'm just thinking about starting prep." Eddie doesn't seem too happy with it and replies with a long-winding "right".

After her father's death, Doris (Lauren Weedman) was left with some money, which she promised to give to Dom (Murray Bartlett). Dom, who is planning on opening a "chicken window", could use all the money he can get, and it seems like he did, before he actually got it in his hand.

In the promo, Doris tries to explain to Dom that her uncle is contesting her father's will and Dom exasperatedly asks her, "I don't understand why you would be offering me money that isn't actually yours to offer".

Meanwhile, just when Patrick's love life seems to be in order, he seems to have hit the perpetual rough patch with his family. He is seen staring disbelievingly at his sister when she claims, "I am so over Patrick getting a free pass just because he is gay".

Watch out for season 2 episode 9 of "Looking" in HBO in 15 March at 10 pm (EST).