It's a proud feeling for any citizen to see the colours of their flag decking up the iconic buildings in another country. Recently, when Sydney Harbour Bridge was lit up in Tricolour, it was a proud moment especially for the Indian Diaspora settled Down Under.  However, what has been the owner's pride has been the proverbial neighbour's envy.

Overlooking the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge lit up in Indian tricolours, a Pakistani national shared a message for his own country. The short video message had a hint of regret and resignation towards his own country.

"Look at them and look at us. And we compare ourselves to them," he said pointing out the economic differences between the two nations. "Ever since the two got Independence, both India and Pakistan have been incessantly compared by the world and by both the nations themselves. For a nation to succeed, it takes people who place a nation above their religion, and it takes political parties who place a nation above politics."

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Netizens argue, applaud and opine

This is not the first time that iconic monuments of the world have lit up in Indian tricolour. Dubai's iconic Burj Khalifa has been seen in saffron, green and white on occasions more than one. Burj Khalifa, in the past, has been lit up on Shah Rukh Khan's birthday too. While some agreed to his candour as it takes courage to admit defeat, others called him a politically mobilised PR pawn.

"We've always been ahead of Pakistan," opined a netizen, adding, "But some people and news anchors got to know of this after this narrative and politics started suiting them." Yet another remarks, "Of course there's never been any comparison between India and Pakistan, just look at their size, population, economy. This has been the case all along since Independence."