London Tubestrikes
London Tube strikes have affected thousands of daily commuters.Reuters File

London came to a grinding halt on Thursday as 20,000 Tube workers decided go on a strike opposing the proposed Night Tube. 

Thousands of Londeners were forced to either bravely fight out long queues and hours of delay to reach office, or just stay at home.

The entire London Underground network has been shut down from Wednesday evening as Tube workers unhappy with their pay and terms of employment. Drivers and staff on London's underground train network went are on a 24-hour strike.

Four workers' unions allied to the London's underground train network's drivers and staff are mainly opposing a proposed plan to introduce new late night London Underground services, widely known as the Tube.

A Reuters report citing PM David Cameron's spokeswoman said: "We are very clear that it is unacceptable and unjustified. It is going to hit families, workers, and businesses across the capital."

The Tube strikes started at 5.30 pm GMT on Wednesday.

 #Tubestrikes Live Updates

  • London Mayor Boris Johnson hints the extending the September deadline for introducing the new night Tube.
  • Tube strikes not for money, but life/work balance for London Tube driver - Finn Brennan, a Tube driver for 23 years, and now the lead negotiator for the union (Via The Independent)
  • The Guardian reported that 20,000 London Underground workers have joined the largest strike in LU's history since 2002.
  • Reuters report states that the London tube strikes have affected 'millions.' "Millions of Londoners struggled to get to work on Thursday or stayed at home as a 24-hour strike by staff and drivers brought the British capital's underground rail network to a complete halt."
  • Though extra bus and river services with marshals have been put in at the main overground rail stations to help manage the extra demand for buses and taxis. Commuters complain that most these modes are facing enormous crowding.

Londoners make the best of the tube strikes

  • Images posted by commuters show some even taking the boat to work
  • Some decided to cycle to work

Guide to help those who would like to walk between stations to work

Uber triples fares during strikes

  • Meanwhile, Uber has come under critism for increasing fares by almost 300 per cent in an attempt to cash in on the plight of stranded commuters. Hundreds of social media users have lashed out at the company (Via The Telegraph).

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Katia Moskvitch ‏@SciTech_Cat

Managed to get to work. It only took me 2.5h instead of the normal 35min. #tubestrikes

Tom Scott ‏@thesplodge

@JeremyClarkson 's 3 ways to manage the #tubestrikes - stay at home, be productive, buy a helicopter 

Patricia Londono ‏@DrTrishL

#tubestrikes 11am and London roads still chocka, busses full to bursting and police out to deal with irate masses.

 Twenty Twenty ‏@twentytwenty_

WE ALL MADE IT TO THE OFFICE, just in time to go home again! #tubestrikes