In the latest episode of BBC Two's "London Spy", it seems Danny will find Scottie's body hanging from a tree, much to his horror.

According to the synopsis of the episode, the phone directs Danny to a meeting with a man who says he is an escort hired to seduce Alex. Danny recalls talking to Alex about being "the one" for each other.

He tries "0000001" for the code cylinder and it opens, revealing a USB plug. He and Scottie meet Alex's professor who tells them it contains research on a method of determining if someone is lying from their speech patterns.

When the police tell Danny he will not be charged with Alex's murder, he responds: "This isn't over." Scottie calls him from a locked cab, telling him: "There will be a note."

Meanwhile, Danny runs to the park they met in earlier and finds Scottie's body hanging from a tree.

In the previous episode, Danny was arrested, and admitted that he had experimented with auto-erotic asphyxiation. The police played him a tape of a telephone call, in which Danny told Alex about his sexual history, but Danny knew it was a recording of a conversation that took place in his flat.

The police showed him the logo of a rent boy agency which they said Alastair used, and suggested that he confess to them that, while high on drugs, he accidentally asphyxiated him.

Danny recognised the logo to be from the American's business card before he ripped it up. The police told him if they discover his DNA on the attic sheets he would be charged.

Danny realised they would set him up as the sheets were stolen from his apartment. Danny visited a record producer called Rich, asking if he could give him information about the rent boy agency. Rich offered him drugs, and said he would help him in return for sex, but Danny refused, and so Rich told him to leave.