The second episode of BBC2's "London Spy", the British drama that premiered last week, will see Danny being invited to meet Alex's parents, as he sets out to learn the truth about Alex's past.

The first episode mostly revolved around Alex and Danny's love story and Danny's dream of uncomplicated love being shattered when he finds out that Alex wasn't who he said he was. Alex was neither an investment banker nor was he an orphan. Instead, he turned out to be a spy named Alistair, and soon Danny will find himself being accused of Alex's murder.

Describing the show, Ben Whishaw -- who plays Danny -- told the media that "London Spy" isn't essentially an all-out spy thriller, but a romantic drama with ingredients of a thriller.

"But this doesn't really feel like a spy drama to me - it sort of is, but it's broader than that. it's about a character who's not within that world, but somebody who stumbles into it and to whom it's alien and mystifying," said Whishaw, according to Digital Spy. "So it doesn't feel like a traditional spy thriller in that sense - it's more about the character's mind. You're in this person's head and it's his experience."

The premiere episode of the thriller saw a sex scene between Whishaw and Edward Holcroft's characters, and there were reports that Ofcom received numerous complaints from the viewers.
However, the British communication regulator later told the media that they received only one complaint.

"We assessed one complaint about a sex scene in London Spy on BBC Two," an Ofcom spokesman said, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

"In our view, the scene was appropriately scheduled after the watershed. We therefore won't be investigating the programme. Our broadcasting rules do not discriminate between scenes involving opposite sex and same-sex couples," the spokesperson added.

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