"London Spy", a five-part series starring Ben Whishaw and Edward Holcroft, will be aired on Monday, 9 November, 2015 on BBC2.

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The British spy drama, written by Tom Rob Smith, is about a chance encounter between two men from different social setups. While Whishaw's Danny embraces the world of clubbing and everything youthful, Holcroft's Alex is someone who likes to keep to himself. The two soon enter into a romantic relationship, and it is only after Alex's death that Danny comes to know that his partner was working with the Secret Intelligence Service.

Also, Alex is found dead in a sex room with drugs and other bondage gear scattered around. This is so different from the Alex that Danny knew and the latter sets out to prove that the sex room was staged to prevent something bigger.

"He's certain that even though his partner lied about his job as a spy, he didn't lie about his true nature," Smith wrote in the Telegraph. "Danny is sure that the 'sex room' has been staged. There were no other sexual partners. They were destined to spend the rest of their life together. That is why Danny must fight: if he can prove that the Alex he knew – decent and genuinely looking for love – was the real Alex, then he can prove to himself that intimacy does not necessarily end in despair."

Talking about the miniseries, Wishaw said that he decided to take up the project due to the writer's different take on the world of secret agents.

"What felt particularly special about London Spy was that the characters didn't feel like characters I'd seen a hundred times before in a thriller," he told the Yorkshire Evening Post. "They seemed to be recognisable human beings who just happened to be in a spy thriller."