Indian Parliament (Reuters)
Indian Parliament (Reuters)Reuters

During this Lok Sabha elections, political leaders work hard to canvass in the country including hinterland. Here are ten leaders and their routine favourite diet.  

Narendra Modi: TheBJP's prime ministerial nominee takes a light Gujarati meal. He is a fitness freak with regular yoga and pranayam. He avoids taking meals at unknown places. Usually he prefers to eat the food prepared by his personal cook. Simple khichdi is his favourite diet. Whenever he is on fast, he takes only warm water with limejuice.

Arvind Kejrival: Being a diabetic, the Aam Aadmi Convenor, takes lot of desgestive biscuits along with him during campaigning to cope with the hunger pangs. He likes non-spicy food. Whenever he is in Delhi for campaigning, he opts to take lunch box from his wife. He likes moong dal and fried chana for munching.  

Deve Gowda: Ragi mudde/ragi balls and soppina saaru or sambar of greens is the favourite staple food for this former prime minister Deve Gowda. During his regime as the PM, ragi mudde diet, the staple food of Karnataka was the talk of the time. During this election season, Gowda starts his day early with a breakfast of sprouts and milk. After canvassing in the rural Karnataka for his JD (S) party, he eats ragi mudde and soppina saaru. He says that since his school days ragi mudde has been his source of energy. He has given up non-vegetarian food now. 

SM Krishna: Another politician from Karnataka is SM Krishna of Congress, who also likes ragi mudde and soppina saaru like Deve Gowda. He takes papaya along with his usual south Indian breakfast diet. For him, fruit juice is a must before lunch. His lunch includes ragi mudde and lot of green vegetables.

Chandrababu Naidu: The former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh is from Rayalaseema, where ragi sankati/Sangati is a staple food and Naidu likes it naturally. He likes to eat ragi sankati with dal curries/pullagoora or pappu and curds for lunch. He takes idli and fruits for breakfast. For dinner, he takes upma or pongal. He is a pure vegetarian. In the evenings, he takes fruit juices and when is busy in campaigning takes butter milk. Normally he takes meals while talking to his colleague politicians.

Jayaprakash Narayan:  For this bureaucrat-turned politician, who heads Lok Satta Party, jowar roti , chapathi or idly items are the breakfast items. And after breakfast he takes a fruit juice. His lunch contains hand-milled rice, for their vitimin content. He takes food in a limited manner. Curds is his favourite item. He takes less salt and chillies in his food. He likes a lot of dal curry with bottle gourd. In fruits, he likes pomegranate, moosambi and grapes.

Jagan Mohan Reddy: For the president of YSRCP leader, early in the morning tea is a must. After that, he takes juice. For breakfast it is idly saambar. For lunch he takes non-vegetarian food, but avoids such food during campaigning. He takes lot of dry fruits and seasonal fruits during the day. For dinner, curd is a must for him while chapathi or phulka is the other item.

Ponnala Lakshmaiah: For this Pradesh Congress Committee president of Telangana, non-vegetarian food is very dear, that too chicken curry. His breakfast food is bread amlet along with fruit juice of citrus limetta or moosambi. For lunch, non-vegetarian food is a must for him. Fruit salad after dinner is a routine for him.

Raghuveera Reddy: This Pradesh Congress chief of Seemandhra/Andhra Pradesh is an avid lover of ragi gruel. He takes it early in the morning. For breakfast, it is either dosa or pongal for him. After breakfast, he takes popaya or water-melon fruit. For lunch, he likes ragi sankati and chicken curry. Dal curry or pappu and rasam (tamarind broth) are a must combination for his rice meals. He takes curds with every meal. And there should be somebody to accompany him during meal times.     

K Chandrasekhar Rao: Popularly known as KCR, Chandrsekhar Rao takes idlis and milk for breakfast. He likes tea often and often. For lunch, curries containing fibre-rich vegetable and pickle are must for him. For dinner, he takes oil-less chapathis or rotis with curd rice. Post dinner, he takes pomegranate juice. During evenings at around 4 pm he takes light snacks like samosas.