Endorsing Narendra Modi as the only right leader fit to be the next prime minister and lead India, Jana Sena founder and Tollywood "Power Star" Pawan Kalayan stated on 27 March that neither he nor his party would contest this term (2014) elections to both Lok Sabha and the Andhra Pradesh State Assembly. The statement comes as a sigh of relief for parties in AP, especially Telugu Desam Party in Seemandhra and Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) in Telangana region. Pawan said that he does not want to split votes in AP in the 2014 term election.

However, the "Power Star" warned the political parties in advance that if he finds any fault with the to be formed government in AP after the polls, Jana Sena would lead a revolution against it. He also called upon 10 crore people in Andhra Pradesh to root out Congress party from the state.

Kalyan was addressing the party's first public meeting in Visakhapatnam, after the party's launch in Hyderabad on 14 March 2014. He released the party's agenda book, "ISM," which is not for elections, but for the future generation of India, he said and dedicated it to the people of the nation.

He was the lone speaker this time also like at the dais of the party launch.

The actor said that he believes in Modi. "Mr Modi you are going to become the prime minister," he said during the event which was telecasted live on TV channels.

The maverick Telugu cinema hero, who quoted lines from neo-progressive Telugu poets like Gunturu Sheshendra Sharma, touched upon current key issues the nation is facing, especially corruption at government-level and corrupt politicians. He said that politicians in power bother only about amassing wealth but ignore issues of people's welfare. He blamed the elected representatives in Lok Sabha and State assemblies for not working for the people's welfare.

He took the Centre, especially UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, to a task for dividing Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Seemandhra. Likening the two regions to two sons, he accused Gandhi of showing bias towards one region. Hence, he called upon the people in the state (Telangana) not to call her "Amma," the mother. He demanded that Gandhi tender apology to Telugu people for dividing them.

He also made it clear that he always respected and looked up to his eldest brother and Union Minister K Chiranjeevi and explained that he entered politics neither for votes nor for any positions in government. He wanted to bring a change in the present political system of the country.