Recent reports have stated that Logan Marshall-Green is being considered to join the cast of Marvel Cinematic Universe's (MCU) next instalment, "Spider-Man: Homecoming." It is a joint venture between Sony and Marvel Studios.

As reported by Comic Book, the actor is most probably in talks to join the movie in a villainous role along with Michael Keaton, who has been confirmed to play the antagonist, Vulture. Though exactly what role Marshall-Green would be playing in the movie is not yet confirmed, here are five characters from the Spider-Man comic books that he might be portraying in the film:

Shocker/Herman Shultz

Shocker is one of the most favourite villains in Spider-Man comics. The character has never appeared in any movies of the franchise and will definitely be a great addition to Michael Keaton's Vulture. He is known for his yellow patchwork suit and has shock-wave gauntlets as his primary superpowers.

Kraven/Sergei Kravinoff

Kraven a.k.a. Sergei Kravinoff is one of the most threatening enemies of Spidey and has inflicted life threatening blows to the web-slinger on a number of occasions. Introducing Marshall-Green as the Kraven in the very first movie of the planned franchise will definitely boost the story and will be helpful in the long run.

The Chameleon/Dimitri Smerdyakov

The Chameleon has the powers of camouflage, which means he can transform into anyone without leaving any traces. Though he has troubled Spider-Man on several occasions in the comic books, he was never among the topmost villains. Hence, Marshall-Green's portrayal of the character can put him in the top league.

Mysterio/Quentin Beck

Mysterio is one of the long-awaited villains that fans have been eagerly waiting to see in a Spider-Man movie. It was speculated that Bruce Campbell, who made several cameo appearances in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, was to appear as Mysterio in the fourth instalment. However, the movie never happened. A possessor of psychological and special effects tricks, Mysterio is one of the most iconic villains in Spider-Man comics' history.

Alistair Smythe

Alistair Smythe is a prominent antagonist in the Spider-Man franchise and is mostly depicted as the leader of Spider-Slayers; mechanical creatures specially designed to kill Spider-Man. The character appeared in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" and was portrayed by B.J. Novak. However, since the franchise has been rebooted, Marshall-Green will surely do justice to the character if he gets to portray it.