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"This is what life looks like," Patrick Stewart says in the final trailer of Logan as viewers get to see the speculated father-daughter duo kick some ass.

The official final trailer was released on Twitter by the official Logan handle on Thursday. In the trailer, Dafne Keen is seen with the same rage, same power and same strength that Wolverine has.

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"She is very much like you," Professor X says, hinting that Keen will be seen in an unbelievable yet enjoyable action avatar. The superhero film is set in the near future where a weary Logan is taking care of Professor X in a hide-out on the Mexican border.

The film takes inspiration from the Old Man Logan comic book. According to the comic, the story will see Logan undertaking a final adventure in the post-apocalyptic future.

Logan is directed by James Mangold and also stars Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Richard E Grant, and Patrick Stewart in the lead. Holbook will play the villain, Donald Pierce.

Watch the final trailer here: