The United States awarded a military sale contract worth $107.8 million to Lockheed Martin corp -- a global aerospace, defence and security firm. The firm will provide the Indian Army with modernised pilot night vision sensor systems, which support apache helicopters.

The systems will help the Indian Army to avert and destroy threats from extended ranges, The Economic Times reported.

India has become the 15th nation and an international customer of Lockheed's modernised target acquisition night vision sensor systems.

"Our high-performing, reliable sensor system for the Apache helicopter will give Indian Army aviators the ability to acquire, engage and destroy adversary threats from extended ranges. The capability that our sensor provides result in enhanced aircraft survivability, pilot safety and missions," said Mike Taylor, Director of International and sustainment programs at Lockheed Martin missiles and Fire Control, according to the report.

The 23 M-TAD/PNVS systems and spares, which will extend production at Lockheed Martin facilities in Orlando and Florida up to 2019 is part of the contract. The M-TADS/PNVS provides pilots with long-range precision engagement and pilotage capabilities for ensuring safe flight at night or day as well as under adverse weather conditions, the report stated.

The night sensor system enables the apache aircrew to accurately identify targets and provide situational awareness to ground troops. The forward-looking sensors use the technology of enhanced image resolution, as reported by The Economic Times.